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Ski resorts in Austria: Ski & Spa

Respectable ski resorts and medical clinics, shopping class luxe, the Vienna Opera and the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Belvedere Palace, the residence of the Austrian Habsburg emperors Schönbrunn and Hofburg - list of places in Austria, noteworthy is endless.
Alps, sheltered glaciers and snow-white snow, thick spruce forests and mountain rivers, picturesque Alpine meadows, combined with first class service make the country an ideal place where you can arrange luxury holidays and accommodation. On the Austrian ski resorts and medical clinics rest and recuperate the European elite. In the hotel lobby, at the next table in a fashionable restaurant and on the slopes you can meet members of royal families, prime ministers, billionaires, stars of the fashion and film.
The climate of the country has to rest all year round. Summer temperatures range in the redistribution of +20 to + 38 ° C in winter, from +1 to -18 ° C. Austria increased popularity enjoyed by tourists during the Christmas and New Year holidays. In the season to find the availability of luxury hotels easy.

Things to do on holiday

In the compulsory program of recreation including a visit ski resorts and medical clinics, historic attractions, cozy restaurants and cafes in Vienna and the surrounding area. This exclusive holiday without them it is impossible to imagine. In Austria, so easy to combine relaxation with rehabilitation and restoration of mental balance.
On the Austrian ski resorts are perfect conditions for active pastime. None of these is not like the other, each has its own "highlight" and charm. Trails of various levels of difficulty, ski and snowboard school for adults and children riding a snowmobile and sled sledding, ice skating rinks, restaurants and nightclubs. In the practice of modern medical clinics procedures aimed at improving, slimming and rejuvenation. With the help of specialists to lose a few years and get rid of the effects of chronic stress can each.
Do not forget to visit the capital of Austria. Gourmet this city - a paradise, because food and wine tours in Vienna is impossible to forget.
Attending cultural events and historical attractions, walk through the night Vienna will give you amazing emotions. For tourists are open all the doors in castles and museums, parks, coffee shops and restaurants.
Vip vacation in Austria
PlatinumVipTravel offers to plunge into the world of luxury and exclusive holiday. Unforgettable food and wine tours in Vienna, romance tours, wedding tours, corporate vacations, business travel in Austria - all for favorite clients.
Dreaming relax on the best Austrian resort? We will book a hotel room with a first class service or rent luxury chalets offer entertainment to suit individual needs. Plan to relax in the quiet of the mountains and pristine nature? We organize tailor-made tours to Austria, recommend apartments and eco-friendly hotel away from the busy roads. Offer for couples weekend in Vienna, Vienna and tours of the surrounding countryside, and romantic wedding tours in ancient castles.
We are confident, having been in Austria once, you will not be able to give pleasure to visit this great country again.