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Clinic Top Ichilov

Top Ichilov - this is one of the leading branches of the Israeli Medical Holding Top Experts Clinic. Top Ichilov Medical Center is a multidisciplinary private hospital specializing in all areas of modern medicine, which is more than 10 years of successful experience on the basis of Ichilov Hospital, the largest and most popular in Israel.
The Top Ichilov examination and treatment of patients from around the world are engaged in 352 world-class specialist doctor in possession of first-class hospital Surgeons operating 32 modern, equipped with the latest medical technology.
In general, at all stages of diagnosis and treatment, doctors Top Ichilov use only the latest equipment: MRI with high resolution in 3 Tesla, the latest installation of the PET CT, laboratory for the most advanced molecular and genetic tests, etc. In the field of surgery in the hospital as much as possible apply the most sparing and minimally invasive ablative techniques of laparoscopic and endoscopic surgery, microsurgery, laser removal of tumors and more.
One of the main problems Top Ichilov is a constant increase in the level of medical care, especially in the field of medical tourism. Not so long ago for this purpose it was created the Association of Israeli hospitals, designed at all levels to protect the rights of foreign patients and ensure that they receive medical and related services of the highest quality. Top Ichilov, like all other clinics Top Experts Clinic, is a member of the Association, as one of its most active members.

Treatment at the clinic Top Ichilov gives foreign patients a number of obvious advantages, among which are worth special mention are:
  • Individual program of diagnosis and treatment. Unlike many other foreign medical institutions, Top Ichilov survey and follow-up treatment program is made taking into account all the individual characteristics of the patient's mental and physical. Depending on the condition of the patient to the appropriate specialist selected a specific case a diagnostic or therapeutic protocol is entirely consistent with international health standards and approved by the Ministry of Health of Israel.
  • A complex approach. Doctors Top Ichilov consider the human body as a whole, where all parts are interconnected, so in making the diagnosis and treatment program involving experts in various fields. The Top Ichilov do not cure the disease, and the patient, the ultimate goal is his recovery, or at least a significant improvement in quality of life.
  • Expert Group. Each patient is assigned Top Ichilov expert group of leading experts concerning related fields of medicine, in compliance with the disease. The panel examines brought back the patient the diagnosis results of the plan subsequent diagnostic tests, if any, is the plan of medical actions and rehabilitation after them, as well as monitoring of the patient until the his departure, and for some time after his return to his homeland (remotely).
Clinic Top Ichilov very popular not only among foreign tourists, but also to the Israelis, who often turn to the clinic on various issues, in particular the independent expert on the carried out in other medical diagnostic institution.