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Familiarity with Barolo wine region

Barolo wine region is located in north-west Italy. This is an incredibly beautiful place, rugged tributaries of the Tanaro River. On three sides it is surrounded by mountain ranges of the Alps, at the foot of which lie the thousands of hectares of vineyards. The picturesque landscape, the mild climate and the air is filled with aromas of wine and local herbs, old castles and manor houses, friendly locals beneficial shade Barolo from other regions.

If you are going on the Cote d'Azur, in Liguria, be sure to use the chance to visit the Barolo. Platinum Vip Travel experts have prepared for you a tour, during which you will see unique sights will taste the elite wines and Italian cuisine.

A trip to Barolo

On the territory of the Barolo region has several dozen world-famous wineries. Local wine-makers produce a concentrated and intense wine, which are based on grape varieties Nebbiolo, century search for the perfect flavor and genuine love for the art of winemaking. That is why the wine tasting in Barolo - is not just a chance to enjoy a unique drink, but also an opportunity to touch the history and traditions of Old Italy.

Our tour is designed for two people, but if you wish you can capture and more companies are relatives, friends or business partners. Just notify us so that we have filed instead of a sedan, comfortable and spacious minibus Mercedes. The road from Nice to Barolo will give you an unforgettable experience of beautiful landscapes, which wonderfully combines the severity of the snow-capped peaks and soft valleys. Lest you get bored during the trip, in the car you will have to wait a basket with fresh fruit and an aperitif. Snacks can help you tune in to the right mood.

Upon arrival you leave things in an old mansion belonging to producers of wine Germano. According to the plan we go to lunch and arrive in 3 hours. You will have a rest after the trip, enjoying the stunning views from the windows of the spacious rooms in the city and the vineyards, you feel the special spirit of the winemaking and intimate atmosphere of the mansion owners - the German family. Next tasting and dinner. On the second day - museums, wineries and otezd.

Excursion program

We made a schedule so that a couple of days you have seen, heard and tried as much as possible. The program is rich, but, in any case, not tedious. No hurry, panic, and time limits.
The main points of the program:
  • Barolo on tour in the company with a personal guide, during which you will see historical and cultural monuments, learn amazing facts from the history of Barolo, made hundreds of delightful images;
  • excursions to local wineries in the Wine Museum and the Museum of the corkscrew;
  • tasting of wine at home Germano, whose members prepared every customer high-end bottle of wine as a gift to commemorate the tour;
  • tasting the best wines of the region as a café-bar with traditional cheese and sausage snacks, story about the wines;
  • visit the best cafes and restaurants in the city (in the menu serves classic Italian cuisine, regional cuisine of Piedmont, from November to February - dishes with white truffles);
  • a trip to Alba for fresh white truffles from November to February;
  • shopping.

You will leisurely stroll through the ancient streets of Barolo, considered the local sights and take pictures for memory. Enjoy the exquisite taste of local wines, authentic Italian cuisine. Raise the veil of mystery of wine, looking us in the "kitchen" of some of the world's best wine producers.
A trip to Barolo - a program that will remove stress and fatigue. You are quiet small towns that seem frozen in history. The beauty of natural scenery, fresh air, rich fragrance of the vineyards, and the morning mists. Traditional restaurant with a high level of service, in which the meal stretched for hours. We are confident, "cocktail" of culinary sensations and flavor of the old Italian Middle Ages will not leave you indifferent. At the end of the tour, our car will take you back to Nice.

Still have questions? Call us to find out more about the excursions in the Barolo wine region.