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Gastronomic excursion on the market in Ventimiglia

Ventimiglia - a small port town in northern Italy. Picturesque houses, streets and squares were stretched off the coast of the Ligurian Sea, just seven kilometers from the border with France.
City has many historical and cultural attractions. Here runs rough river Roya, on the banks of which are still preserved buildings from the Middle Ages to the unique Italian flair. Ventimiglia is surrounded by picturesque meadows and green forests, majestic mountain peaks of the Ligurian Alps and the perfect sea. An incredible combination of natural beauty, historic charm and flavor of the Italian make the region an ideal place for tourism.

If you are planning a vacation on the French Riviera, or Ligurian coast, be sure to include in your schedule gastronomic tour of the market in Ventimiglia from Platinum Vip Travel. Fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs, the perfect olive oil and pasta, cold cuts and cheeses, mushrooms, seafood - the list of local products will surprise even the most discerning palates.

Shopping at the market

Our tour starts from Nice, where you takes a car with a driver. Classical program provided a group of up to three people. If wishing to enjoy the delights of Italy will be more, we provide minibus, which easily accommodate a large company. During the trip from Nice to Ventimiglia. You can relax, enjoy a perfect French and Italian landscapes.

No more than 45 minutes on the road and here we get to the bright, noisy and fragrant market. The market in Ventimiglia - a separate state that lives by its own laws. Especially crowded on it on weekends and public holidays, when overlapped almost half of the central part of the city. On the territory set colorful stalls, pavilions and stalls. Vendors tout buyers, offering the goods, give to sample the best tidbits, and of course, trading with incredible Italian charm. In the market you can buy all kinds of goods ranging from herbs and finishing with truffles. Special demand of olive oil, pasta, seafood and meat specialties, spices.
The program of the tour is full of events. Schedule is made so that you fully rested, took home delicious delicacies, wonderful photos and a million of positive emotions.

You will:

  • acquaintance with the best suppliers, traditional products and the Ligurian coast of Italy;
  • a story about the products that are used in classic Italian and Ligurian dishes;
  • tasting foods and delicacies that are not sold in Russia;
  • acquaintance with interesting wines and aperitifs of Italy;
  • Tasting this Sicilian sweets and coffee;
  • an unforgettable shopping experience.

Visit the restaurant in Ventimiglia  

On our tour of the market in Ventimiglia ends. The final chord of the trip will be a dinner in one of the non-touristic local restaurants with Italian cuisine from the Liguria region.
Ligurian cuisine - incredibly delicious that in the traditional version can be tasted only in Italy. Italians love to cook, put in each dish is a piece of his soul. The Ligurian cuisine much saturated tasty and interesting dishes: pies and fish and chips, pies with various fillings, beans, flour products such as thick focaccia, delicious homemade pasta with boiled or fried greens. Here and incredible sauces with extra virgin olive oil with basil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan cheese. Baked goods, pastry, wine - once on our trip, you are sure to try it all.
After lunch you - satisfied and happy - takes the car back to Nice.
Still have questions? Call us to learn more about gastronomic excursions on the market in Ventimiglia.