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Giggleswick School

Age: 9 - 15 years.
Dates: July 7 - July 29, 2016.

Giggleswick School is in the small English town of Settle, North Yorkshire, an hour's drive from the cities of Leeds and Manchester. The school was founded in 1499, but despite its age in a few centuries, boasts modern equipment and repairs.
Summer courses offer intensive language program. Every day is like the previous one. Summer holidays in Giggleswick School - is an opportunity to improve their English, make friends from all over the world and gain experience teaching in one of the best British boarding schools.

Stay in school program is structured as follows: in the morning classes are held in English and interactive tutorials, and after lunch the boys are waiting for exciting sports, cultural and adventure activities.
On summer courses compiled a real mix of nationalities - the school children come from all over the world: Europe, Asia, Middle East. This communication guys to each other in a free environment is best helps to improve language skills, and especially - the development of communication skills.

Key factors

  • The school is located in the village off the beaten track, away from the big cities, the absolute safety.
  • Only 10 people in the group.
  • School 500 years.
  • Summer courses are organized boarding school itself, not an outside organization, so this experience - a real test of life in the British boarding school.
  • The quota of 15% in the Russian-speaking (usually less than 10%).
  • The school is located in beautiful scenic forests, this is the perfect place for a summer vacation.
  • Small classes (maximum - 10 students) provide an individual approach to each child.
  • Children in the overnight care.
  • With the guys worked as a teacher, teaching in the school for a year. Teachers boarding schools - talented, well-educated adults.
  • Food, unlike the mass of language schools, great, t. To prepare the same chefs that during the school year.
  • All teachers are specially trained to teach English as a foreign language.
  • Once a week, parents receive a report which describes the progress of the child and his interests.
  • At the end of the course students receive a certificate and a detailed report on the training of teachers, as well as a CD with photos of the brightest events of the summer.


Excellent sports facilities, including all-weather: field hockey and soccer, six, and four hard tennis courts with grass, a few fields for rugby, squash, cricket. On the school grounds - an indoor pool and a fitness center. The school has its own medical center, operating 24 hours a day, with qualified doctors and nurses.


Before the start of classes all students are tested to determine the level of language proficiency. According to results of the test groups are formed.
Classes are held in the morning for 2.5 hours with two short breaks. Then, 1:00 assigned to the educational seminars. Students choose their subject of interest - art, theater, journalism - and communicate on a given topic with other kids in a more informal manner. Such exercises considerably improve practical conversational English skills.
Approximate schedule for the day:
8:30 - breakfast
9:15 - morning gathering
9:30 - English lessons
10:00 - Break
11:15 - English lessons
12:15 - Break
12:30 - educational seminars
13:30 - Lunch
14:30 - aktivitiz, sport, travel
17:00 - free time
18:00 - Dinner
19:45 - entertainment
21:00 - free time (in the house)
22:00 - roll
22:00 - rebound

Accommodation and meals

Accommodation in a residence in single, double and single rooms. Boys and girls are separated. The residences a warm and homely atmosphere where children feel cozy and comfortable. The children are under the supervision around the clock, and, if necessary, can always turn to mentors who live here.
Children eating in the school cafeteria. Three meals a day, always a large selection of hot and cold dishes. Be sure to take into account suggestions on diet and food allergies, if any of the child. During excursions guys get a packed lunch.
Cost, 2016
3,999 pounds.