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9 reasons to visit Israel

Multinational Israel is a perfect example of the country, having gone to which every traveler rest and soul, and body. On these lands so many sights and Holy places that many people prefer to arrange comprehensive tours to Israel with a duration of at least 1-2 weeks. After visiting the temples, it is easy to restore sanity, in the green of vineyards and olive gardens, gain vitality, and in the waters of the Dead sea to improve their health. Separately I am glad that Israel has everything for a luxurious holiday - tourist infrastructure offers first-class service.

When to go to Israel?

To get positive emotions and the maximum benefit from the trip, think about the goal, because Israel has many guises. Platinum Vip Travel offers:

  • pilgrimage tours to Israel;
  • sightseeing tours to Israel;
  • medical tours to Israel;
  • individual tours, corporate holiday;
  • business trip;
  • exclusive, author tours;
  • food and wine tours;
  • holidays in Israel.

Best time to visit Israel - the end of October - beginning of November. At this time, the streets are no large concentrations of tourists, the temperature ranges from 19 to 27°C, Dead sea water - 26°C In December, not too bad, but a little cooler. From 15 may to 15 October in Israel is hot, the temperature in the range of 29-38°C not tolerate all the tourists.
But, not only the air and water temperature should be taken into account when planning a trip. Another important factor is the calendar of religious holidays. During the holidays, which is of great importance for believers in Israel too crowded. Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth and other Holy places are crowded with pilgrims who come from all over the world. Those travelers who prefer measured and calm the VIP experience, we recommend you to reschedule at a more quiet time - overcrowded hotels, cafes and restaurants are Packed to the eyeballs, on the streets a large number of tourists. Enjoy the beauty of the temples and historic sites better a period of relative calm. But if Your goal is Passover in Israel or Christmas in Israel Platinum Vip Travel can arrange pilgrimage tour at the highest level. The program of the trip will include visits to Holy places by conventional or prepared personally for You by the program.

Israel health and beauty

The country is world famous for not only the Holy places, but also first-class service in the field of medicine. Plan to improve your health? To lose a few extra pounds? To clean the face of the imprint of living in a noisy and dirty city? Go to the Dead sea in Israel, unique and unforgettable. Its water contains practically all the elements from the periodic table that are beneficial to the body. Not less than healing Dead sea mud, which make miraculous wraps, masks and massages. Thermal water, which is so rich in desert and rocky shore of the sea.
For regular beauty treatments you can go to any SPA, which in Israel there are many. But for the treatment of diseases of the skin, respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, joints and spine recommend you to select first-class medical facility. We will help You to determine the best clinics and doctors.
Still have questions? Experts Platinum Vip Travel will answer them and help You to organize an exclusive stay in Israel.