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Medical tours to Israel

Among the citizens of the Russian Federation, CIS medical tours in Israel are in constant demand. The reasons for this popularity are several. First, the level of Israeli medicine is not inferior to the European, the prices for treatment in Israel in comparison with the treatment in Germany, Switzerland below several times. Secondly, the treatment can easily be transformed into an exclusive holiday on the shores of the Mediterranean, red sea and the Dead, pilgrimages to Holy places. An indescribable spirit temples, warm sun, sea air and the unique properties of the Dead sea can work wonders. Thirdly, the lack of a language barrier between tourists and clinical staff facilitates the treatment process.

What is treated in Israel?

Israeli doctors practice in prevention, treatment of all diseases, but a kind of "specialization" is considered as cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, gynecology and urology, Oncology. Every year more and more in demand cosmetic and plastic surgery. Among the clients popular not only treatment in the clinics of Israel, but and recovery after operations, carried out in medical institutions of the EU countries, USA. So, for anybody not a secret that Israeli doctors are among the best in the reconstruction of the female breast after cancer surgery. Combining medical treatments in Europe and the restoration of Israel, can significantly streamline the budget, not compromising with the level of service.
Not only first-class clinics attract customers. The dead sea located at 396 meters below sea level, is the best panacea for many diseases. Thanks to the air flow, forming a kind of filter in the sun you can spend 8 hours a day. Fresh air has a positive effect on the nervous system, unique mud - face and body, water, rich in salts and minerals - the General condition of the human body. Doctors prescribe treatment at the Dead sea dermatological diseases, diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, joints and spine, ENT pathology. Well proven and modern SPA treatments with healing mud, Dead sea water and hot spring. Arriving at the Israeli resort, everyone can heal, lose weight and rejuvenate for a few years. 

How to choose a clinic and a resort?

Given the well-developed network of medical institutions, to make an independent choice is not easy. Most of them specializes in a particular field of work. So, in Tiberias, thanks to local hot springs will help get rid of chronic fatigue, stress and insomnia, cure dermatological and rheumatologic diseases, diseases of the respiratory system. In Arad actively use mud for mud treatments, massages, baths and other SPA treatments, the resort of Ein Bokek - unique water of the stream, the Ein Gedi - sulfur baths. And that's not counting the heavy treatment of artillery, numbering hundreds of medical centers who specialize in surgery, cardiology, Oncology and other serious directions.
Don't waste your personal time in searching for the best doctors, hospitals and resorts of Israel! Experts Platinum Vip Travel will choose the best program and facility for treatment in Israel, will issue documents for travel abroad, organize accommodation and VIP holiday in a Sunny country. Adding treatment at the Dead sea, pilgrimage, sightseeing, food and wine tours, You will make their stay in Israel unforgettable. 
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