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Paris - the city of poets and artists, the city of romance and lovers at all times.
Uniqueness of Paris that its citizens manage to maintain the appearance of the city is practically unchanged. This makes the city a living museum: there are remarkable not only palaces, parks and buildings, and streets, squares, bridges and embankments.
Paris keeps tradition and is the perfect place to relax all possible directions. In Paris, the largest number of attractions, museums, theaters and cabarets, bars and restaurants, luxury shopping and a variety of entertainment.

Exclusive vacation in Paris from Platinum Vip Travel

Paris - a place that can not be grasped. Regardless of how many times you have visited this romantic and luxurious city, Platinum Vip Travel organizes an unforgettable journey. For you, we offer VIP vacation in Paris and exclusive tours to Europe, made taking into account all your wishes.

5 reasons to stroll through the streets of Paris

Each of the tourists will find in the French capital on their liking. Lovers will be able to spend a weekend in Paris and the suburbs. Wake up in a luxury hotel room and have breakfast in bed fresh croissants with jam and fresh coffee, go for a walk around the city and to complete a busy day romantic dinner in the cozy restaurant. What could be better? City lovers will provide a delightful romantic tours for everyone. Those who decided to tie the knot, we offer a fabulous wedding tours. Unforgettable emotions you and your guests are guaranteed.
Paris - a real find for art lovers and collectors. List located in the suburbs of the French capital and museums and antique shops, flea markets is impressive. Individual tours of Paris you will discover the work of talented artists, sculptors and architects of all time. The palace and park complex of Versailles (Parc et chateau de Versailles), the famous Louvre museum (Musee du Louvre), and Orsay (Musee d'Orsay) - this is just the tip of the iceberg. In Paris, there are hundreds of places worthy of your attention. Undoubtedly, see all within a short drive you will not have time. For your Platinum Vip Travel arranges private tours in Paris with the best rich and interesting program. With us you can relax the soul, select antique furniture and home favorite artist work.
Not only romantics and collectors are attracted capital of France, for individual tours in Paris selected gourmets and shoppers class luxe. The French are experts not only in the art of seduction, but also delicious dishes. Exclusive food and wine tours in Paris will give you unforgettable emotions, delicacies and recipes from the best chefs in France.
Business people will appreciate the organization of business trips, as well as corporate vacations from Platinum Vip Travel. You will be able to establish useful contacts and sign lucrative contracts and relax.

French charm of Platinum Vip Travel

Your diary painted by the minute and the preparation of the trip absolutely no time? This is not a reason to abandon the long-awaited vacation. Specialists Platinum Vip Travel will do everything for you. We will free your personal time from organizing flights, search and booking exclusive apartments, luxury car hire and plan events.
Forget about banal routes Hotel - Eiffel Tower - Louvre Museum - the hotel. Platinum Vip Travel offers luxury vacation for your favorite customers. For you, we reserve the best seats in the plane, the best apartment at the best table in the restaurant and the best guides around Paris. Thanks to direct contracts with international companies in the field of exclusive goods, works and services, we are ready to offer you the best direction for the best prices.
What is your exclusive holiday? Fresh croissant and a cup of black coffee at a local brasserie for breakfast or lunch in a luxury restaurant, listed on the village "Red Michelin." Shopping in the boutiques of young French designers or internationally recognized masters of fashion. SPA-procedures and measured daily routine or dancing until dawn at elite nightclubs. We are ready to listen to your every wish and make it a reality.