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10 best destinations for high-end leisure in Russia

Unforgettable romantic tours, food and wine tours, corporate and VIP vacation, tours of historical sites, museums and galleries, shopping, luxury is possible not only in Europe. Boundless territory of Russia opens travelers not fewer opportunities.
The leaders of the popular tourist destinations are Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sochi. Experienced tourists choose the Altai mountain, which in its beauty and the number of lakes, rivers and waterfalls took first place in the list of natural wonders. Baikal, likable beauty of places and tourist infrastructure. Caucasus from Elbrus volcano, over which is the dream of every climber. Karelia, Kamchatka, Komi Republic, the Russian coast of the Baltic Sea - a list of amazing places you can go on forever. Maybe this is the year should exchange foreign to the native hearth?

New facets of old cities

Things to do in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where it seems that everyone has come to know interesting? In what hotel to settle business partners, making for a corporate event or negotiations? In which restaurant to reserve a table? For a major event need to get at any price? Agency specialists PlatinumVipTravel decide this dilemma, because exclusive vacation, corporate vacations, business travel - our specialty. We offer a full range of services, ranging from addressing common organizational issues and ending with the smallest details.
For us, nothing is impossible. To spend the weekend in St. Petersburg, from Monday to return to work weekdays? We will provide you with a respectable hotel, organize excursions in St. Petersburg, dinner with wine tasting dishes from the chef of the best restaurant and tickets for the most fashionable event of the city. Decided to show business partners in Moscow more than the Kremlin? We organize luxury vacation at the highest level.

Leisure activities on Lake Baikal

All customers are tired of measured rest, we offer Lake Baikal. Luxury vacation on Lake Baikal from the agency PlatinumVipTravel - these are the best guides and author tours, luxury cars and respectable hotels, fishing and hunting, clean air and vast uninhabited spaces. Sunsets and sunrises on the shores of the world's largest freshwater lake will help you to take a break from everyday life and the bustling metropolis filled with important matters.
Summer or winter Baikal? Choose you, because the place is perfect for a holiday any time of year. Every winter the lake is covered with a transparent ice. In February and March, he is the strongest, for it ride on cars and sled dogs, arrange an overnight stay in tents on the ice in the midst of the vast lake above the deepest point at 1637 m. In spring nature wakes up from sleep, to meet the short summer in all its glory and fall fill the lake yellow-red foliage.
Where to start? Agency specialists PlatinumVipTravel help you organize luxury vacation on Lake Baikal and the surrounding area. Remember, the route guides and competence depends not only your positive emotions, but also life. The territory is dangerous enough for unprepared travelers, especially in winter. Even harmless cracks on the ice can be a trap. Low air temperature and biting wind at least crafty.

We offer:

  • individual tours on Lake Baikal;
  • special projects, in which you can perform a participant or spectator (BaikalMotoGirl, the event "Baikal club of travelers, etc.);
  • first-class charter yachts, Mi-8 helicopters and Eurocopter;
  • dancing with shamans around campfires on the shores of Lake Baikal divorced, spending the night in tents in the middle of the open sky;
  • the best hotels in Irkutsk (Sayen, Courtyard by Marriott);
  • fishing and hunting, accompanied by experienced rangers;
  • Romantic and wedding tours on the picturesque banks of the lake;
  • professional video and photography.
Still have questions? Agency specialists PlatinumVipTravel answer them and help you to organize an exclusive vacation in the most picturesque corners of Russia.