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VIP-rest in Scotland

Incredible Scotland - a paradise for tourists who dream to check yourself for strength. Going to conquer a small hill, you will be surprised to find that this impregnable top, summer walk can turn into a real arctic expedition, and the crossing of the creek - rafting competitions. Tourists Scotland forgive all the "inconvenience". The amazing nature with its inaccessible mountains, crystal-clear lakes and ancient forests, the great culture and history, mouthwatering Scottish accent and fragrant whiskey redeem all.

Why go to Scotland

"I do not like the weather? Wait five minutes, "- says a real Scottish tourist, sad in bad weather. The climate in Scotland harsh, feminine capricious and fickle. In winter the temperature does not fall below -10 ° C, but cold so penetrating that it is necessary to dress for all -30 ° C. February-March - season snowstorms paralyzing mountain villages. Since April, the temperature warms up to + 22 ° C, and the tourist season begins. But even in the summer the tourists should not relax. the temperature drops so suddenly that better grab an umbrella and rubber boots, warm clothing.
No matter what time of year you decide to visit. An unforgettable VIP-rest will be possible in both summer and winter. Something for everyone there every tourist. Our clients choose tours to Scotland. Impregnable castles haunted manor incredible British aristocrats, ancient settlements, battlefields and dozens of other historic landmarks deserve out to see them. They're coming in the food and wine tours, to learn how to make whiskey in Scotland to try and buy an exclusive blends. Going on a fishing trip, hoping to extract the largest salmon in the United Kingdom, or hunting with a falcon.
In Scotland, split enormous amount of national parks and reserves under the patronage of the Prince of Wales. Do not forget about Loch Ness. The famous monster first seen in the V century, the last time - in 2005. Dive into the water can be not only in search of monsters, but also to look at the Spanish ships of the XVI century, not far from the wreck of the Orkney Islands. This inhospitable coast from June to August - a favorite place for treasure hunters.
And Scotland - birthplace of golf. The country has an incredible amount of ideal golf course. Take advantage of the opportunity to play on the best sporting venues in the world for a couple of businessmen, politicians, show business stars.

In Scotland with Platinum Vip Travel

How to relax in Scotland? Just give us a call to Platinum Vip Travel staff organized trip. If you choose this wonderful country, try to take on the rest 1-2 weeks. Scotland is so multifaceted that it is impossible to see all the interesting few days. Visit impregnable castles, festivals and national holidays, the best distilleries in Scotland, the national parks and reserves, fishing in the crystal-clear waters of lakes and rivers, hunting with birds of prey, off-road racing - we could prolong this list indefinitely.

Those who can escape to rest only for a couple of days, we will arrange a perfect weekend in Scotland. Our programs are full - you will get to an incredible amount in a short period of time. Designed for private and corporate customers - feel free to bring your family and friends, colleagues and business partners.  

Our services:

  • transfer airport-hotel-airport transfers;
  • first class rental apartments, rental of prestigious cars;
  • the organization of leisure (fishing, hunting, sightseeing tours, food and wine tours with a visit to the best distilleries and restaurants, off-road racing, scuba diving and much more);
  • weekend tours to Scotland;
  • Christmas and New Year, private and corporate events in Scotland;
  • other services agreed with customers.
Still have questions? Call Platinum Vip Travel, to learn more about the rest of Scotland.