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Tours of Paris

Classic tour of the most famous museum in the world with a private guide. Discover the amazing masterpieces of French, Italian, Dutch artists and the magnificent sculptures of Egypt, Greece and others. Admire the sculpture Venus de Milo, Winged Victory, in the famous painting "The Coronation of Napoleon", a mysterious Mona Lisa will fascinate you with his famous smile. And much more interesting and exciting waiting for you during this visit.
Sculpture and Architecture. For the construction of the Louvre took eight centuries, from medieval moat to a glass pyramid. Let's look at the different styles of architecture and learn about the extraordinary life of this impressive building. Renaissance. Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael. Master class Revival - follow your guide and discover the secrets of these three superstars painting ( "Alla tempera") to create a new perspective. Spicy Louvre. Risky tour of the Louvre rose. The tour is designed for those who believe that the already well studied, this is the most famous museum.
Enter the fascinating times "beautiful era", became famous all over the world to Paris. From courtesans stories, such as, Cleo de Merode (Cleo de Merode) or Liane de Els (Liane de Pougy), with stunning particle of the museums in the Art Nouveau style (private visit), preserved on the first floor of the mythical restaurant maxim's, where witty anecdotes born day. Your guide will tell you about the fantastic World's Fair of 1900, as well as the difficulties of the poor at the time, the development of anarchist theory, the severe consequences of consumption of absinthe in the era of the "Green Fairy" (la fee verte). Charming, elegant, refined taste of this tour will be connoisseurs who want to penetrate and feel the atmosphere of the city of Paris during his dawn.
If you want to focus your visit with a tasting of some of the best wines, the master will introduce you to the art of winemaking and tasting combine with French cheeses basic agricultural products. Option 1: Well, a small cellar or wine bar in Paris, an expert on wine would you explain the main wine production areas. You can try different types of wine and cheese. Option 2: in a separate room for tasting the famous home for 2 hours, you will learn the basic principles and directions of winemaking and tasting of 4 wines (Grand Cru) and 1 champagne. Appetizers and cheeses will be served.
Visits to antiques, the day of genuine antique dealer. Follow our expert in this field, and discover the secrets of restoration and better storage of antique furniture and paintings. Secrets of vintage suitcases, trunks, bags Vuitton and Hermes companies. All this takes place in the center of the world's largest antiques market. The day ended with dinner at a restaurant - a favorite city of Antiquaries. Red wine, French cheese and delicious "baguette", combined with a good dose of "French atmosphere."
Dress cap cook and white, starched apron and go through a fascinating master class in a studio chocolate. You will create the best "ganache" (chocolate truffle) and "Roche" on the unique recipes and under the leadership of excellent specialist.
The tour begins in the heart of Paris on the Ile de la Cité, where you will learn interesting facts about the Notre Dame Cathedral. One of the most famous places in the world, San Chapelle (Sainte-Chapelle), the famous and magnificent wooden "Conforce, stained-glass windows. And the Conciergerie (La Conciergerie), the former Royal Palace, which is now part of the Palace of Justice, and the sooner it contained captured the French revolution and still dark place dignify where flying ghosts of the victims of the guillotine. Visit Left Bank of the Seine, where the Latin quarter, a popular place for walks students through the tiny and ancient streets, such as "La Rue du chat gui bakes" (cat, which catches fish).
Walk past the Sorbonne - one of the most famous universities in Europe. Crossing the river, to get to the district of Le Marais (La Mar), one of the oldest districts in Paris with beautiful mansions of the XVII century, and of course the stunning Place de Vosges (Vosges), a favorite place of residence for French celebrities. You can visit the Museum of Carnival, stroll through one of the most fashionable designer shops, on the street Frank Bourgeois (rue des Franc Bourgeois).
Further, we continue to walk in the Jardin des Tuileries (Tuileries) from the world famous Louvre museum. Exit at Place Vendôme (Vendome) persons street (Rue de la Paix), with the most famous fashion shops in the world. Go through the Place de la Concorde (Concorde) with Egyptian obelisk from Luxor Temple, which was in a terrible guillotine during the French Revolution. Then walk past the church on the street Madeleine Royale (Rue Royale), takes you to the magnificent structure of the opera (opera), the symbol of monumental architecture and one of the greatest lyric theaters in the world. And a stroll along the Champs Elysees, one of the most beautiful avenues in the game which will take you to the Arc de Triomphe, built by Napoleon I, as a tribute to the glory of his "Grand Army".
Crossing the Seine meet "with the old Lady of Paris" - the Eiffel Tower, built for the World Expo 1889 designed by Gustave Eiffel. This is a wonderful, unique, elegant building can be visited at different times of day. During the day, the top offering stunning views of Paris, and in the evening the tower lights and includes twinkling lights. (Every hour for 5 minutes, starting at 21:00 until midnight). Walk to the Eiffel Tower and the nursing home, where the dome is Napoleon's tomb. Visit the majestic bridge, donated by Alexander III of France and named in honor of his name.
An expert in the fashion-industry prepares you personally shopping list that includes selected for you boutiques, bags, hats, shoes and others. Prior to your arrival you can tell us about your preferences, and the expert will arrange VIP entry to the well-known houses such as Chanel , Vuitton, Dior, Hermes.
Artist Victor Laloux and opened by 1900 World's Fair was developed years as a railway station serving the Paris-Orleans. According to the story, once I rode the train in the subway, not being able to brake in time. Since the building of the station was about 40 years old. In 1970, the former station will carry, but fortunately, this idea has disappeared and turned into a museum. In 1986, the Orsay opened its doors again, but for art lovers. New repairs were made in 2012. The museum presents its collections on 3 floors, consists of works from the middle to the end of the XIX century decorative art in the style of "modern", a series of paintings and sculptures of the second half of the XIX century, and, of course, a magnificent collection of impressionists (Monet, Renoir, Manet, Van Gogh, Cézanne). As well as the creation of the Neo-Impressionists (sulfur, Lautrec, Gauguin).
If you have a dream, to enter the magical world of fragrances, perfumes, bottles of mythical odors, follow our "nose" - an expert on perfumes. In the studio, you will gain the knowledge to create their own perfume, which will be a combination of the five basic tastes. You will leave the workshop with interesting actually made perfume in a beautiful bottle of 50 ml.
Doors and windows - the tour for lovers of architecture. During the reign of Henry IV were built luxurious mansions with magnificent facades, huge doors and windows in the Art Nouveau style on the Place des Vosges (Place des Vosges). A new approach to the architecture of Paris. During this visit, you will be able to open the massive doors of the elegant mansions XIIX century, visit the charming courtyards with gardens. Back streets of Paris.
Walking through the covered passages of Paris, the elegant gallery Palace Royal Garden (garden of the Palais-Royal), a charming gallery Colbert (Colbert), Vivian (Vivian), Vero - Doda (Vero-Dodat cells). Discover the perfume boutique chic jewelry. Enjoy a romantic place, where historical data remained very bench on which Napoleon proposed to Josephine. And a lot more unique and romantic places in Paris. Walk with exquisite and delicate taste.
In the history of fashion. Follow fashion expert, who will introduce you to the history of French fashion from the beginning of "haute couture" in the XX century to the present day. Best fashion expert will speak about the passage of the golden age, and the last wave (60 - 70), illustrate the knowledge of vintage fashion boutiques and design houses will be displayed, if the pace of fashion at the time of our times and how.
In 310, in a rustic village, Pariziorium Lutetia (Lutetia Parisiorum) changed its name to Paris. Parisians were able to integrate into the urban environment with buildings, interact with nature throughout the development of the city. In the XXI century, one of the most important goals for the city is the preservation of the environment light. The presence of nature in the ancient capital expressed as created beautiful parks, squares, and through a combination of local fauna and flora from the construction site. Discover Paris "green eyes" for the understanding of the new urban development and see how they are implemented.