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Treatment clinics in Israel

Exclusive treatment in Israel

Treatment in Israel - a guarantee of effective diagnosis, prevention and successful solution of health problems of varying complexity. The Promised Land has established itself as a country that provides medical services at the highest level. Patients from all over the world come to Israel to trust the local doctors the most valuable - your health and life.
Israel clinics where help everyone
Israel decided to help each patient. And even for those categories that are recognized hopeless in advanced medicine - Austria, Switzerland, Germany, USA.

Who is coming to Israel for treatment?

  • patients who doctors could not make an accurate diagnosis in the home country, the EU and the United States;
  • patients requiring heart surgery;
  • patients with oncological problems;
  • Patients who recommended surgery;
  • Patients who are concerned about their health, the health of their relatives and loved ones.
Leaders of the Israeli medicine - multidisciplinary clinic "Top Ichilov" and "TOP Assuta". They are known not only in his native Israel, but also far beyond the borders of the Holy Land. Among the clients who prefer the diagnosis, prevention and treatment in these clinics have patients from all over the world, including Russia. Clinics are located in the prestigious areas of Tel Aviv, close to the main cultural and historical attractions. Is a member of TOP EXPERTS CLINIC - the only organization bringing together all the advantages of public and private medicine.
Once on treatment, you can not worry about their health. Israeli doctors - it is of the highest level professionals, honored professors and heads of departments with a large clinical experience, who masterfully familiar with all the technologies of modern medicine. You will not only provide an individual approach to treatment and rehabilitation, but also comfortable accommodation - private room, luxe-class services related.

Why clients choose Israel

Doctors clinics "Top Ichilov", "TOP Assuta" work in all areas of modern medicine. The most popular destinations are considered oncology, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, headache treatment.
7 reasons why patients choose "Top Ichilov", "TOP Assuta":
  • Beautiful Israel doctors, many of whom are world luminaries in their field of medicine;
  • Consultations of highly qualified professionals - professors, heads of departments of large hospitals Israeli presidents and board members of the medical organizations of Israel, Europe and the United States;
  • Minimally invasive surgical techniques to ensure minimal intervention, effective treatment and short-term rehabilitation;
  • Line diagnostics on the latest generation of scanners, high-tech scanning equipment;
  • The medical equipment of the latest generation;
  • Individual approach to each patient;
  • Innovative approach, own methods.

How to organize treatment in Israel

We understand that each patient requires confidence that arrived in a new country, he gets into a good clinic, he will not have problems with the paperwork and accommodation. Platinum Vip Travel Specialists will help you in organizing treatment in Israel.

Our services:

  • registration documents for traveling to Israel for treatment;
  • booking of air tickets, airport-hotel-airport transfers;
  • organization of accommodation in the best hotels, private apartments in Tel Aviv;
  • prestigious rental cars;
  • paperwork with the clinic for diagnosis, prevention and treatment in Israel;
  • organization of exclusive holidays in Israel (pilgrimage and sightseeing tours, medical tours to the Dead Sea).
From treatment in Israel separates you just a phone call away. You leave us a request, we will - solve all organizational issues in the short term.
Still have questions? Call Platinum Vip Travel office to learn more about treatment in Israel.