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United Kingdom

VIP-rest in the UK

UK popular among our countrymen. Russian citizens are investing in the purchase of British property, send their children to English schools, are doing business in London. But few of them think about the fact that the United Kingdom - a great place where you can relax with your family, hold corporate events and meeting with partners.

4 holiday destinations

This attitude is totally undeserved. UK - is not only a foggy and rainy London, excursions to places associated with the life of Sherlock Holmes, and oatmeal for breakfast. Having arrived, the tourists were surprised to discover England, with its royal attractions, majestic mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers in Scotland, Wales castles and villages of Northern Ireland.
In the UK several destinations for tourists: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each "historical province" has its own charm and color. In one part of the country are waiting for tourists medieval castles and Gothic cathedrals, in another - the beauty and tranquility of rural landscapes, in the third - shopping, nightlife and restaurants.
  • England

Then an incredible amount of cultural and historical attractions, picturesque towns and natural monuments, castles. I do have something. Take a walk to the places of life and work of the famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Visit Bath, on whose streets walked by Charles Dickens, Daniel Defoe, Jane Austen and many other legendary writers and poets. Embark on a tour of the port of Southampton, from one of the piers which departed "Titanic." Take the "Bournemouth Eye", which offers a magnificent panorama of the surroundings. Platinum Vip Travel Employees are advised not to dwell on visiting famous places. Going beyond the classical excursion program, you'll see a lot of interesting things.

  • Scotland

You are waiting for the majestic mountains with changeable weather, crystal-clear lakes, which is found in most major UK salmon, mysterious Loch Ness, kilts on men and the sound of bagpipes, the perfect whiskey. By attending mandatory Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen, cozy islands of Orkney and Shetland. There are successful tours of the distillery, fishing and hunting with falcons, off-road driving and golfing.

  • Wales

If you beckon picturesque scenery and magnificent medieval castles, go to Wales. Their per square kilometer so much that you have to devote the bulk of holiday trips. Wales - a real paradise for gourmets. Get ready to taste the excellent cheeses, tender lamb and beef, trout, clams and penkloddskie British oysters. The coast is ideal for surfing, windsurfing.

  • Northern Ireland

In search of a leisurely, relaxing holiday travel to Northern Ireland. The old villages and idyllic scenery help to disconnect from the bustle and noise of a megacity, negotiations and telephone calls. Include excursion capital Belfast and Londonderry comfortable. 

Going on vacation in the UK with Platinum Vip Travel

Activities in the Kingdom is available to suit all tastes. Our customers choose individual tours for 7-14 days and weekend tours. Ask arrange fishing on crystal-clear lakes in Scotland, to catch salmon. They're coming in the gastronomic and wine tours in the best distilleries in Scotland. Meet the Christmas and New Year in Edinburgh. Resting on the coast, diving and surfing.
We will help you organize a trip to one of the best countries in Europe. Call us, come to the office. Platinum Vip Travel staff will choose the best direction and recreation program. Organize the rest for you, family and friends, colleagues and business partners.
Still have questions? Call us to learn more about exclusive holiday in the UK.