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4 Exclusive recreation programs in Italy

Find a person can not be indifferent to Italy. Someone who likes her for hundreds of historical and cultural sites scattered across the country, someone - a national cuisine with its perfect cheeses and olive oil, svezhayschimi fruits and vegetables, spices and herbs, someone - an exclusive shopping in Milan. No matter how many times you have visited in the sunny country. We will open you new ways of exclusive holiday in Italy.

Programs for exclusive holidays

Platinum Vip Travel Specialists provided 4 exclusive programs for individual holidays in Italy, which will be a perfect gift to fans of the country and the Italian way of life. Our special offer will allow everyone to go on an unforgettable journey to fully experience the aesthetic of Italy, to learn more about the history and culture.
  • Pohudenie And beauty program «Merano Espace Henri Chenot»
In Merano hundreds of wealthy tourists come each year. Some are fascinated picturesque landscape of the Italian province, the fresh air and the sun, others - historical sites, located in abundance in the area, third - country skiing tracks. But the main purpose of the visit in Merano is the wellness center «Merano Espace Henri Chenot». Then they break up with wrinkles and excess weight, the effects of stress and chronic fatigue, treat gastro-intestinal tract and the cardiovascular system. Procedures on a unique methodology Henri Chenot is incredibly effective. Week course will provide you with exceptional drainage and detoxification effect, improve metabolism and skin tone.
  • 7-day guided tour of Milan - Rome
The tour program includes a visit to the World Expo in Milan. Subject, declared in 2015 - "Feeding the planet. Energy for Life "participants - 145 countries, 5 companies and 16 non-governmental organizations. On a visit to the exhibition is given one day of rest dedicated to exploring the unique historical and cultural attractions of Milan, Orvieto, Rome, the Vatican.
  • 4-Day guided tour of Florence
Florence, Pisa, Capannoli, Volterra and San Gimignano - guided tour program is made so that in a short time to explore dozens of attractions in Italy. You will enjoy the masterpieces of art, stunning architecture and beautiful gardens, known to the whole world.
  • 5-Day sightseeing tour of the Langhe - Piedmont
In just a few days set aside for the guided tour, you will visit Milan, Vigevano, Cella Monte, Korterantso, Neiva, Trezzo Tinella, Sinio, murazzano, Serralunga, Grinzane, Asti. You have time to not only enjoy the beauty of the Italian province and sightseeing, but also exclusive shopping in Milan.

Service adequate high demands

Ready programs holiday in Italy - a starting point in the travel organization. On this basis, we are ready to develop customized itineraries according to the wishes of each client. Carry on unfamiliar and unusual places - "highlight" of Italy, which is known only to Italians living in the country. Suggest routes on topics that are indicative of high Italian craftsmanship - from food to fashion, from tradition to modern art, from nature to sports. Provide services, adequate to the highest requirements of our customers.
tour programs include:
  • meeting at the airport;
  • fast track passport control;
  • transfer airport-hotel-airport at the prestigious cars;
  • Accommodation in the best hotels located in the cities along the route of the tour;
  • Transfer in limousines, rental of prestigious cars;
  • tour with a personal guide, includes a visit to cultural and historical sights of Italy, including closed to ordinary tourists;
  • lunches and dinners at the best restaurants, located in the cities along the route sightseeing tour;
  • visits to local producers of wine, cheese and other Italian delicacies.
Still have questions? Call Platinum Vip Travel office to learn more about exclusive programs for individual holidays in Italy.