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Exclusive and exclusive tours in Israel

What is an exclusive holiday in Israel from Platinum Vip Travel? It's Israel pilgrimage tours to Holy places, the faith-promoting. Unforgettable tours to the sights, monuments of history and architecture, the giver of peace to the soul. First-class medical tours to the Dead sea, food and wine tours in Israel that returns a zest for life. The country is ideal for VIP guests. The intoxication of life is felt here even the taste of local products. Perfect olives are supposed to taste bitter, bright lemons - to be prohibitively tart, juicy tomatoes - sweet, fragrant herbs, spicy.

What is Your ideal vacation?

Exclusive, exclusive tours give the opportunity for any tourist to choose the perfect travel programs to Israel. Yesterday, You were visited Holy places associated with the life of Jesus Christ, and the churches with miraculous icons, bathed in the healing waters of the Jordan river. Today enjoy at a local restaurant cheese Buratti with marinated oranges and sun-dried olives, Tuscan tomato soup and bread, seasoned with roasted coriander seeds. Tomorrow will go to a first class resort located on the shores of the Dead sea, to feel the healing power of unique water and mud.
Unlike standard programs, exclusive, exclusive tours give complete freedom of choice. For a perfect holiday enough to apply to Platinum Vip Travel. We organize tour to Israel according to the individual wishes of each client. This is a pilgrimage for Orthodox Christians, Protestants, Catholics, Muslims, and Armenians. Individual tours with an emphasis on sacred places, history and culture, cuisine, wine and national traditions, nature. Thematic tours with the best guides in Israel. 

The best time to travel to Israel

Platinum Vip Travel trip at any time of the year would be ideal. On Orthodox holidays in Israel crowded, other days on the calendar - quiet and virtually empty. Perfect exclusive holiday will be in April-may, September-October (temperature 25-27°C, water +21-23°C). In the period June-August is hot, December-March is raining. However, even at a temperature of +50°C, the heavy rain first class service to smooth out the vagaries of nature. For example, treatment at the Dead sea, wine and gourmet tours is relevant all year round. 
We recommend that you schedule a rest period of 7-8 days. Noteworthy places and activities so much that they are covered for a shorter period of time is almost impossible. The country is relatively small, so our Luggage in the room at the tel Aviv, Jerusalem, easily plan a trip to Israel inside and out. First-class tourist infrastructure is provided in every corner of the country. 
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