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Exclusive program at the Venice Carnival

The end of winter in Italy presents an excellent opportunity to experience the holiday of unbridled fun and provocatively, songs and a masked ball, performances. It was in January, while in most parts of the globe reigns cold and dull weather, Italians spend their famous Venice Carnival. The holiday is popular not only in the country of the sun and wine, but also far beyond its borders. For several centuries it remains the most anticipated and significant event in the cultural life of Italy.

Characteristic features of the carnival

Characteristic features of the carnival
Date of change of the Venetian carnival every year. The following year, he expected 23 January - 9 February. Conducting the festival depends on Ash Wednesday - a Catholic holiday, which falls on different days of the year. As soon as it becomes aware of the date, it shall be calculated beginning and end of the carnival. According to the settled rule it starts 12 days before the Catholic holiday.
The theme of the holiday is timed Milan Expo 2015 exhibition with a little interpretation - "The most tasty holiday in the world!". To celebrate all ready. You can already get acquainted with entertainment program, a list of Un ballo in maschera and parties.
Carnival begins with a traditional opening at St. Mark's Square. At the appointed hour on it appears Columbine scattered confetti at passers-by. Do not forget to catch a few pieces and put in your wallet, because sequins Carnival attracts wealth. After the opening ceremony of the festival is scattered through the streets, canals and bridges of Venice, the city of colors in hundreds of colors and shades. Everywhere can be seen the costumes Pierrot, Harlequin and Pantalone, compelling the queen and Casanova. By the end of the holiday parade costumes singing and dancing, which subside when the first bell sounds the start of Lent.

The exclusive program from Platinum Vip Travel

For our customers, we have prepared a unique 4-day program of the Venetian carnival. Why four days? Just this is the optimal duration of the tour, which will allow you to relax, but will not get bored in the bustling city. If you want to stay in Venice is less than or a little longer, just tell us - and we will arrange an exciting vacation for an individual plan.
Our program is saturated. We have provided guided tours, dance lessons and visits to the most prestigious masquerade ball and parties to which input "from the street" is not allowed. All events take place in the best of Venice palazzo overlooking the Grand Canyon - Palazzo Pisani Moretta, Palazzo Papafava and Palazzo Ca 'Pesaro. You are waiting for songs and dances, performances by world celebrities and opera singers, a menu from Michelin chefs and first-class service, worthy of wealthy guests.
Venice Carnival 2016 with the Platinum Vip Travel presents an excellent opportunity to relax with your family. Going to Venice, to have fun with friends and colleagues, to surprise business partners and customers.
Still have questions? Call us to learn more about the Venice Carnival 2016.