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Food and wine tours in Israel

Preserved lemons, pickled mango, cardamom, dates and almonds, olive oil is not all that will be able to try a tour, going on a food and wine tour to Israel from Platinum Vip Travel. The national dish of Israel in the menu of the best restaurants in Moscow, London, new York side by side with Italian, Scandinavian, French. Someone to enjoy the perfect forshmak and gefilte fish, hummus and falafel, salad with bulgur, dried cranberries, bright lemon and fragrant parsley goes to the restaurant, our clients are sent to an exclusive holiday in Israel. 

What is the secret food of Israel?

Israeli cuisine is a unique culinary phenomenon. It intertwine cooking traditions of different countries. The Jewish people have found their home recently, so during the years of wandering had time to collect a "piggy Bank" best recipes of other countries. Circles of goat cheese from Galilee and the Negev, rosy caravans with a delicious crust, serves with slices of pumpkin and cauliflower, fried in tahini, look at the restaurants of Israel no less appetizing than in Italy.
The climate of the country provides the opportunity to harvest a first-class fruits and vegetables several times a year. At a time when Europe is cracking down winter, in Israel the midst of the season of strawberries and avocado. In the country grow delicious mango, pomegranates, almost all types of citrus, apples and grapes. Going on a trip to Israel, You can see at every corner to enjoy fresh juice from any vegetable and fruit, from the usual apples, citrus, celery to more exotic products. It is here that make the perfect olive oil, which is prized by chefs around the world. All products arrive on the shelves of markets, kitchens of restaurants and cafes, fresh, that, undoubtedly, the best way affects the taste of the dishes of national cuisine.
Cooking meals in Israel (especially meat) is not just a ritual, but a real sport. Chefs competing in the art of cooking the perfect beef and lamb, chicken and Turkey, seafood. Wherever You went, in a respectable restaurant or small cafe, anywhere You will feed not only delicious, but very tasty. The only drawback gastronomic tours in Israel - those extra pounds that tourists carry home in addition to local delicacies. But, and here Platinum Vip Travel is ready to help You. Organizing exclusive, exclusive tours, You can easily combine a relaxing holiday with SPA treatments at top spas of the Dead sea. Eat out and lose weight - in Israel it is possible!

Discover the wines of Israel

Not only Israeli cuisine deserves special attention, but also local wines, which can be called a real discovery. Habitually choosing wines from France, Italy? Step away from stereotypes, going on a gastronomic tour, wine tour from Platinum Vip Travel.
What is the wine industry of Israel? It's thousands of acres of first-class grapes. Exclusive varieties grown in the Golan heights in the North, the Judean mountains in the center and the Negev desert in the South. World famous brands are Carmel, Barkan-Segal, Golan Heights, a unique boutique production Saslov, Tzuba, Clos de Gat, Your, reputable family business, monastic winemaking, cultivating the vine, brought to the country by Napoleon Bonaparte. Combining a tasting of great wines and sightseeing tours, medical tours, VIP vacation in Israel, You not only relax the body but the soul. First class service from Platinum Vip Travel will help You with this. 
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