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Venezia Italian tale, a unique city on the water, one of the most romantic in the world. There are no cars and bikes, and along the canals and narrow crooked streets located richly decorated churches and palaces. Graceful gondola slowly and silently glide over the surface of the water, dutifully and deftly maneuvering between them.
Venice carnival-dazzle colors of the known and anticipated holiday in Italy. And gives the thrill of joy and fun.

4 error tourist visiting Venice

See the beauty of Venice annually attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. In high season arrivals are several times more than the local population. But even at this time, you can feel all the charm of Venice. PlatinumVipTravel help organize your luxury vacation at a top level. We care about our customers and for you collected 4 errors tourist visiting Venice for the first time.
# 1. Summer - the worst time for walking
For tourists visiting Venice traditionally chosen the period from April to September. The peak of popularity is celebrated in June and July. But experienced travelers do not recommend to plan a trip in the summer months, as the heat in Venice quite poorly tolerated due to the high humidity and an abundance of pesky mosquitoes. At this time, the local population suspend activities, leaving work only the most popular tourist destinations. All worthy concerts and exhibitions are planned for September-October. The only exception is the Venice Biennale, taking place from May to November.
The ideal time - late autumn and early spring. This time of year is especially successful romantic tours, wedding tours and excursions to Venice. Quiet and deserted Venice frank with travelers and delicious. The water in the canals and the air is clean, no huge queues at museums, gondoliers welcoming and generous discounts.
# 2. Do not skimp on the hotel
The agency recommends PlatinumVipTravel stop in the historic center of Venice. In low season there is enough available hotels for wealthy guests. But even if you suddenly decided to organize a weekend in Venice at Easter or during the carnival, we will help you. Independently find a decent place to settle in the peak season is almost unreal.
# 3. Plan trips to Venice with the map
You do not want to walk the beaten route? It does not change from year to year. Station - Rialto Bridge - Strada Nova - Piazza San Marco. Here tourists waiting for traders with a bad cappuccino, carnival masks and other souvenirs commonplace. Once you move away from the beaten path, immediately get lost in the numerous dead ends. GPS-especially do not count, because the quality of mobile communication is poor.
Worth to get a paper map. In this case, you can easily find Madonna dell'Orto with works by Tintoretto, walk along the Campo San Giacomo del Orio and a snack in the best in the whole of Venice Pizzeria Il Réfolo. Another option - to order tailor-made tours to Venice. Historical Sites is best to visit with a personal guide.
# 4. Review your shopping list
In Venice, should be considered historical sites and buy products of local producers, and not to go to the boutiques. Garment of luxe better to go to Rome, Milan and Florence. But in Venice many art galleries and antique shops, where you can choose the interior, amazing local silk and velvet weaving mills. Be sure to buy fabric from Gaggio, Bevilacqua and Fortuny, horn-rimmed glasses from L'Ottico Fabbricatore and shoes from Giovanna Zanella.
Still have questions? Agency specialists PlatinumVipTravel answer them and help you organize an unforgettable exclusive holidays in Venice.