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Perfect Wedding in the Czech Republic

What girl has not dreamed as a child how to meet her prince on a white horse and marry him in a luxurious castle to live together happily ever after. If you want to spend one of the most important days in your life, immersed in the romantic atmosphere of the Middle Ages, welcome to contact us. We organize an unforgettable wedding in the Czech Republic at the highest level, worthy of you and your loved one, guests celebration.

It all starts with a dream ...

Czech Republic presents dozens of opportunities for lovers. Staromestke Town Hall, and Vrtbovska Ledebursky garden, Martinic Palace, Troja Castle, the palace Aliprandi palace St. Havel, Kinsky Palace, the architectural complex of the Bethlehem Chapel, the Palace Zofin -. Places imbued with the romance of the Middle Ages, countless. All of them will be happy to open the doors for future newlyweds, to give them a million of positive emotions from the ceremony. Against the background of the wedding procession of cars with premium and carriages drawn by horses sleek, perfect lawns, and incredible beds, immersed in the colors white halls of palaces, liveried attendants look incredibly elegant.
The number of couples who choose marriage for the Czech Republic, is growing every year. Some people prefer to spend then exit the ceremony, after being combined legal marriage in Russia, the other - not only painted and crowned in Prague, but also remain in Europe for their honeymoon. Which program you choose depends entirely on you. Local authorities are sympathetic to foreigners, giving them virtually the same amount of rights as citizens of the country. If you want to combine legal marriage in the Czech Republic, warn Platinum Vip Travel staff and bring your documents. We will provide to local authorities all necessary documents that you have painted. The lovers, who dream to get married in the Czech Republic, can also realize their dream. We offer a wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of Saints Cyril and Methodius, built in the XVIII century.
Whichever program you choose, wedding in the Czech Republic will remain in your memory for a long time. Immersed in history and culture of Old Europe, enjoy the romantic landscape of medieval castles and feeling full, what is meant by the words "European service", you will be dreaming to return to the welcome edge.

How to organize a wedding in the Czech Republic

We understand that in a saturated rhythm of life in the city, very few people have the time to self-organization of the wedding abroad. We provided a simple and intuitive operation algorithm, the full support of the wedding from the preparation of documents in Russia to direct the celebration in the Czech Republic. You just tell me how you would like to spend this important day and to coordinate a wedding program, make a list of guests to bring along documents the wedding dress and the groom's suit.

How we are working:

  • choice of venue for weddings and services that need, the coordination of the wedding date in the Czech Republic, Prague;
  • preparation and coordination with the client wedding program, the list of services and their costs;
  • preparation of documents for traveling abroad, booking of air tickets, hotel rooms or private apartments;
  • meeting with the coordinator on arrival in the Czech Republic, the submission of documents to the police and local authorities;
  • holding a wedding in the Czech Republic.
We do not have a standardized approach to the organization of weddings, because each couple is unique in its own way and see this day. Call us. We are happy to discuss all the details, from the choice of location for the wedding and ending with the wedding decorations, photo and video.
Still have questions? Call us to learn more about the wedding in the Czech Republic.