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Motorcycle tours and dzhiptury on Lake Baikal

4 ideas for exclusive holidays on Lake Baikal

Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, Yakutia in the Lena Pillars, Lake Teletskoye in the Altai, the peak of Elbrus in Kabardino-Balkaria ... plan an unforgettable trip to Russia? Start with VIP-leisure in Baykal. This region is among the top ten places in the vast country, mandatory attendance. Tourists who have visited the picturesque places of Baikal, returned without hiding enthusiastic emotion.

How to rest on Baikal

Tired of the endless phone calls, meetings and negotiations? Treat yourself to a vacation in the Baikal region with PlatinumVipTravel. The organization of extreme tours in Russia - one of our specialties. We offer ready-made programs and individual tours, short-lived and multi-day expedition. We work with individual and group applications, individuals and companies. Motorcycle tours and jeep tours on the lake, private tours on Lake Baikal, a VIP vacation on Lake Baikal - to organize a truly exclusive vacation in the depths of Russia, just leave us a request.
The reason can be anything. Baikal choose to relax in the circle of relatives and friends. Organization of corporate entertainment, team building on the background of unforgettable beauty of the Baikal region.

Exclusive holidays on Lake Baikal - the main advantages

Interesting program

We offer 4 complete program for travel on Lake Baikal:
  • Jeep tour in the Gobi Desert;
  • Jeep tour "Heart of Lake Baikal";
  • jeep tour "The best on Baikal";
  • Motorcycle tours of Lake Baikal on the road.
How to choose? It all depends on your personal preferences, long vacation. The duration of the expeditions is 5-10 days.

Individual approach

For customers who have their own vision of extreme tours in Russia, we will develop and implement a totally unique expedition. Fishing, boating, hiking through the taiga, hunting - PlatinumVipTravel experts consider all your wishes to stay a truly exclusive.

Impeccable service

Service consists of many little things that surround you throughout the journey. We think over all the details, every minute of the trip to bring our customers only positive emotions.


Throughout the expedition you are accompanied by experienced guides, instructors with years of experience on Lake Baikal. Our staff skillfully cope with the car on rough roads, split the tent and fry the pancakes on the fire house.


We have provided all that far from the metropolis you were surrounded by familiar comforts:
  • transfer airport-hotel-airport;
  • Jeep tours on Lake Baikal pass on cars Toyota Hilux, Motorcycle tours on Lake Baikal - motorcycles Yamaha WR450, Yamaha WR250;
  • Vacation selected the best hotels, tourist centers of Lake Baikal, and for the nights under the open sky split modern campgrounds;
  • The menu is based on local peculiarities of the national cuisine of the peoples;
active program alternates with a relaxed holiday on the shores of picturesque bays and oases, Russian bath.

When the travel arrangements

When to go to Lake Baikal? Feel free to plan your trip at any time of the year! There is good regardless of the season. Summer - luxury scenery of majestic mountains, yachting and boating alloys, golden sand and pebble beaches with crystal clear water, hot springs baths and ice streams, walks in the forest primeval. In the winter - snowboarding, reindeer and dog sledding, traditional sauna after the winter hunting and fishing.
Programs dzhipturov, Motorcycle tours on Lake Baikal are adjusted depending on the season. By adding a few days to the standard program in June-August, go on holiday with swimming, fishing and other summer pleasures. If your soul asks for privacy, go in September and October. At this time of the year you can enjoy not only a jeep tour of the Lake Baikal, acquired a vivid autumn color, but also the lack of crowds of tourists. Success extreme tours and winter. Trips to the frozen lake alternate with rest by the fire, sleeping under the open sky and a Russian bath.
Call the office PlatinumVipTravel, you will learn more about exclusive vacation on Lake Baikal.