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Ligurian coast

The joys of life on the Ligurian coast

Liguria - a region along the northwest coast of Italy, bordered on the west by the French Riviera and Monaco and stretches to the east of Tuscany - a great place to travel and VIP holiday by the sea. It is considered one of the main resort areas of the country - this area is called the Italian Riviera. More than half of the region's territory is occupied by forests and evergreen Mediterranean vegetation.

The climate

The Italian Riviera is characterized by a favorable mild climate, bizarrely rugged rocky coastline and almost tropical in its splendor vegetation.
The territory is hidden from the cold northern winds by high mountains. During the season, daily temperature does not drop below +22 ° C in the winter months - +12 ° C. Best time to visit - May-October.
Immaculate beaches with perfect clean sand and warm sea stretches along the Ligurian coast. The water temperature in the season from +20 to +27 ° C is favorable for relaxation. Conditions are sufficient to organize an exclusive vacation for first-class category. With Platinum Vip Travel is possible.

Why go to Liguria

Leave home luxury fur coat sable, go where it's always warm. Ancient port of Genoa, the narrow streets of Sanremo, a medieval fortress with the famous frescoes Raffaelino and Giulio de Rossi on the magnificent bay of Portofino, the church of St. Peter in La Spezia - minimum program.
Prestigious and expensive Sanremo, the city of ancient mansions of Rapallo, Portofino beautiful and luxurious ... Genoa Italian Riviera - a luxury holiday and a perfect holiday among landscapes of incredible beauty, elegant interiors and impeccable service. Offer to capture the sights of the French Riviera - horse racing, casino in Monte Carlo, the race "Formula 1" class shopping luxe.

Services from Platinum Vip Travel

We offer luxury vacation on the Ligurian coast. It offers exclusive tours of the Italian Riviera, luxury hotels, restaurants, prestigious yachts and cars. Do not waste your own time to search for optimal routes, the study reviews the tourists booking airline tickets and hotel rooms. We will do it for you, freeing up time for more important matters.
Today gaining popularity routes across several countries simultaneously. Platinum Vip Travel organizes exclusive private tours in Europe, individual tours to Italy, individual tours in San Remo and other cities. In one vacation you can visit as many interesting places, get a million of positive emotions and energy charge to win the business.
For detailed information, please contact the office Platinum Vip Travel in Moscow at Tver Boulevard 13, p.1, or by phone at + 7 495 9674037. We are happy to answer all your questions.