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Births in Israel - the best conditions for mothers and babies

Births in Israel are becoming more popular every year. Married couples choose this country for a mild climate, a high level of medical and impeccable service in medical clinics. Arriving in Israel, you can relax body and soul in anticipation of a happy event - the birth of a child.

3 reasons for choosing Israel

Each of the prospective parents worried that the baby was born healthy and strong. It is for this reason that more and more Russian citizens choose Israel for the organization of labor abroad. On the territory of the country recorded the highest percentage of successful delivery. The accuracy of prenatal detection of genetic and cardiac abnormalities in the fetus is more than 97%. All maternity wards of health centers have modern equipment. clinic staff is qualified, meeting the highest European standards.

Births in Israel - the main advantages:

Individual approach

Israeli doctors agree "delivery program", which takes into account all the wishes of the prospective parents. It may include:
  • ban on artificial stimulation delivery;
  • the use of safe anesthesia;
  • episiotomy ban;
  • prohibition of acceleration of the placenta to her natural outlet;
  • the presence of relatives and friends of people at birth, unlimited access to before and after childbirth;
  • receipt of a child in his arms immediately after birth;
  • individual mode of feeding a child;
  • And so on.


Prenatal preparation does not include the most frightening women treatments. The staff inspects each hour expectant mother, watching not only for physical health, but also the emotional state.


The Israeli hospitals is one of the lowest mortality rates. It is below the Russian data in 3-4 times. Highly qualified medical staff and modern resuscitation equipment to minimize the effects of obstructed labor.
The program, the cost of labor in Israel is individual. Depending on the clinic, the volume of necessary tests, diagnostics, and other factors. The standard package includes hospitalization for 3-5 days, medical support delivery, round the clock monitoring the state of the mother and baby, postnatal medical care, counseling and testing.
How to organize a trip
Organize labor abroad is not easy no matter what you choose - labor in Europe or childbirth in Israel. Some parents prefer to travel on their own, but we recommend having its professionals. In a typical journey mistake will cost you a spoiled vacation, in the case of delivery - the health and even the life of the mother, newborn baby.

Our services:

  • visa application;
  • Organization flights, VIP-residence in Israel;
  • health insurance, the signing of the agreement on health care with the best clinics in Israel;
  • registration of birth certificates of the authorized body of Israel, apostille documents;
  • paperwork for the export of a child in Russia;
  • paperwork to customers who chose Israel as a permanent place of residence;
  • other services, depending on the individual wishes of the customer.
In the normal course of your pregnancy, there are absolutely no restrictions on the timing of arrival in Israel, registration in the clinic. The only caveat with which you will encounter in the later stages - in the majority of airlines have restrictions for pregnant women. We recommend you to come to Israel for 1-1.5 months before delivery. From the first minutes of your stay in Israel, you will be surrounded by care and attention of our staff. Calmly akklimatiziruetes, pass inspection and will hand over analyzes reconcile personal "delivery program." Spend an unforgettable holiday in anticipation of the birth of a child, enjoying the holy places, healing waters and mud of the Dead Sea, the local cuisine.
Calling to Platinum Vip Travel office, you will learn more about the birth of Israel.