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Study abroad

A first-class education abroad ensures success. Before graduates the UK, Switzerland and other EU countries open the doors of the best companies of the international echelon. Foreign languages on native level, theoretical knowledge in the field of international relations and internship in Europe gives a great chance to make a career, to gain success in business.

5 reasons to study in Europe

Study abroad — 4000 higher education institutions, which offer an incredible selection of courses at bachelor, masters and doctoral programs. In schools, colleges and universities are talented teachers, luminaries of science, Professor. Practice advanced techniques, internships at leading companies. No matter what direction You choose — law, IT-security, architecture and design. The knowledge gained in Europe, to any comparison does not go with the knowledge gained in the Universities of the CIS countries.

European universities provide the optimum ratio of funds that invest students, and the quality of the education received. In the annual rankings of the best universities in the world one third of the schools are in Europe, making it the second largest educational centre after the United States.

Staying in Europe gives you the chance to learn more about its traditions, broaden their horizons and learn to think in a new way. Further, working in international companies and taking business with them, it will be easy to understand the mentality of the Europeans, their way of doing business and build business relationships. Studying in the UK, France, and other countries involves the study of foreign languages in the media, but this is a whole new level. Every year the number of companies that require their employees knowledge of business and conversational English, German and Spanish, is growing. Employment in a company with foreign capital company operating in international markets, language skills must be perfect. And not just English but several.

The international diploma is a significant advantage over other worthy candidates for the position. Having been educated abroad, You can expect that You will be invited for an interview. It remains only to prove himself.

What are the program of education abroad

European education is available to everyone regardless of age, because there are dozens of programs and activities for students and held in the clients ' business. Studying abroad for children are a fun and easy program that do not burden the child. Children learn by plunging into the language environment in the format of this adventure. High school graduates receive education in bachelor, masters and doctoral programs. Clients with a higher education qualification, studying in graduate and doctoral studies.

With Platinum Vip Travel study in Europe is easy and accessible. We accompany our clients from the choice of educational institution before reception of the diploma of the international sample. Contact us education abroad is not only learning. We will provide You the conditions for comfortable living and recreation. Our clients live in a first-class apartment and drive a prestigious car, traveling around the country in the framework of individual tours, theatres, Nightclubs and restaurants, horseback riding, Golf and yachting.

Our educational programmes in Europe:

  • program on school holidays, study exchange, individual and group trips, family programs;
  • learning language abroad;
  • secondary education abroad;
  • language courses and preparation for the universities, higher education abroad, master's and doctoral studies;
  • professional courses.

Still have questions? Call us to learn more about studying abroad.