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Hunting in Russia

Охота на Камчатке

Рыбалка на Камчатке

Охота и рыбалка на Байкале

Охота на медведя

Modern hunting in Russia is becoming increasingly popular, despite the fact that today, anyone can go anywhere in the world for hunting trophy. Such popularity is justified, because according to official figures in Russia is one fifth of all the world's forests, half - the world's coniferous stocks. The flora there are 24 700 species of plants and fauna - 1 300 animals. Bears, wild boars, deer, elk, wolves, fox, game birds - the development of Russian hunting contributes to a variety of flora and fauna.

Peculiarities of the National Hunt in Russia

Hunting tours by PlatinumVipTravel oriented not only to catch the bird and beast. Fishing on Lake Baikal - a great alternative to luxury resorts. Here you can combine your favorite activity and spend a vacation with your family, impress colleagues and business partners. Choosing a hunting base in a picturesque corner of Russia, enjoy the pristine beauty of nature, silence and fresh air. Mirror lakes and rushing waterfalls, snow-capped peaks of majestic mountains, green meadows and majestic forests will help to get rid of tiredness and gain strength. Among other things, modern recreation centers offer many related services - from traditional Russian baths and ending with hiking for mushrooms and berries in the thicket. Virgin Russian nature and real sport hunting will leave you an unforgettable experience and a desire to come back.
In Europe, hunting - a separate culture. Politicians and businessmen, members of royal families were honored to hunt in the company of business partners, wealthy and influential persons. But we Europe, civilized and gentle. No country in the world can not be compared on such a tremendous number of interesting and beautiful places for hunting - Altai, Baikal, Kamchatka and Kaliningrad, Karelia and Khabarovsk, Sakhalin and Yakutia, the Yenisei, Saha ... As you have not been there? Believe me, you are many, many lost! Only hunters boldly climbs into the heart of the majestic mountains and forests, is destined to really feel the greatness of nature.

How to organize an exclusive hunting

Especially for you PlatinumVipTravel offers hunting tour in any of the hunting facilities situated on the territory of our vast country. We arrange standard and free hunting tours in Russia, of varying difficulty - classic and exclusive hunting, bear, waterfowl and marsh game, trophy hunting, driving hunt with dogs. We equip individual and group tours, extreme and combined tours. In the first case, you expect a trip to the islands and archipelagos of hard alloys on wild mountain rivers, horse riding, hiking, in the second - visiting sporting and cultural events, combined with hunting, fishing, photo safari.
Fishing on Lake Baikal, Kamchatka on East elk, the Kamchatka brown bear, bighorn sheep, hunting for Caucasian tour in the Caucasus mountains, hunting for Marco Polo sheep and ibex in the Central Asian mountains of Pamir - the list of possibilities offered PlatinumVipTravel, endless. You just have to decide where to go and things to do. We - organize hunting class. Over the years we have equipped hundreds hunting tours in Russia and gained invaluable experience.
Our services:
  • the organization of the tour;
  • registration documents for import and export of firearms and ammunition, hunting dogs, their delivery to the place of hunting;
  • transfer and support to the placement (hunting);
  • accommodation in a hunting estate with complete infrastructure, catering;
  • organization and holding of hunting (providing transport for hunting, huntsmen services);
  • Field preparation of trophies, packaging;
  • paperwork for the export of trophies;
  • translation services;
  • dzhiptury, Motorcycle tours of the road;
  • other services agreed with customers.
Hunt conducted the procedure and terms defined by the Russian legislation.
Call the office PlatinumVipTravel, you will learn more about hunting in Russia.