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Berlin, capital of Germany, won the sympathy of their guests thanks to the incredible diversity of its attractions, rich cultural program and last but not least thanks to its special atmosphere, both lively and relaxed. This is one of the most fun, quick and comfortable cities in Europe.
An integral feature of Berlin - the contrast between historical buildings and modern buildings, between tradition and modern history. Berlin attractions, from the Brandenburg Gate to the residence of the Federal Chancellor of Germany, tells the story of a nation. od artists and museums.
Treasures of world culture show the world more than 170 museums, including the world-famous complex of museums on Museum Island. An infinite number of restaurants and a variety teatrov- guarantee an evening program for every taste. Creative atmosphere of the city attracts artists, poets and artists from various countries of the world, which makes Berlin one of the most interesting parts of Europe.

Things to do in Berlin, except beer tasting

Berlin is so contrasting and vibrant city that exclusive holiday is guaranteed to each of the tourists. Modern skyscrapers on Potsdamer Platz and classical mansions on Unter den Linden. Respectable restaurants, consisting Michelin rating, and "Soviet" dining at the Museum of the GDR. Elderly ladies dressed in Chanel, and informals in tattoos from head to toe. It is difficult to find such a "cocktail" in the other capitals of Europe.
The best time to travel
Berlin is located in the temperate climate zone. June-August with an average temperature of 19 ° C, December-February - ± 1 ° C.
At what time of year to plan a trip? The country is beautiful at any time of the year. The famous Oktoberfest in Germany, Folkfest, Light Festival in Berlin, Frankfurt Fair - not a complete list of national holidays and festivals. At this time, especially good food tours in the local neighborhood. Gourmets come from all over the world to enjoy a frothy beer, Bavarian Weisswurst sausages with sauerkraut soup Kartoffelsuppe and chocolate cake "Black Forest".
Despite the busy schedule of events experienced travelers find particularly successful trip to the New Year and Christmas holidays. Firstly, this start time in Germany the sale of discount of 30-70%. They are held everywhere - in reputable boutiques, crowded shopping mall and local shops. Secondly, in Europe are serious about the celebration of Christmas. Colorful facades of shops and windows of houses, lively fairs, aromas of mulled wine and apple strudel, ginger cakes and roasted almonds will give you an unforgettable luxury vacation and holiday mood. Do not forget Christmas is celebrated in the Catholic calendar.
Where to go and what to do
Go to Berlin, to fully enjoy its beauty. Forget about banal route airport - hotel - Museum - gift shop - hotel - airport! Start VIP vacation in Berlin with a morning coffee and the famous apple strudel in one of the cozy cafes German. Gain strength and positive charge, go on tours in Berlin (Museum Island, the historic sights of the Third Reich, etc.). Full list of museums can look at http://www.museumsportal-berlin.de/en/. By the way, as in most European cities, the ideal means of transportation is a bicycle. This Berliner moves on it at any time of year and weather. Rain, snow and slush - not a hindrance.
The second most important goal is shopping. First-class shopping in Germany, is not inferior to France and Italy. Visiting the KaDeWe department store and Dussmann, you can buy wardrobe items and interior luxury brands known for good price. Small boutiques and shops scattered throughout Berlin - delicacies and products from local producers. Flea markets, of which there are more than a dozen - the work of artists, sculptors, designers and jewelers XVII-XIX centuries.
By the end of the day program, head to one of the nightclubs and other entertainment venues. Submit without weekend in Berlin impossible. In nightclubs and Berg¬hain KaterHolzig, bars and cafes on Oranienstraße is better to go to 19:00, as after 21:00 in the most popular places are not overcrowded.
Rest in Berlin easily combined with a visit to other European countries. For example, to organize a romantic tours in Paris, wedding tours to Venice, food and wine tours in Tuscany. Everything is in close transport accessibility. No time for drawing up a route? Call PlatinumVipTravel. Our services include corporate vacations, business travel, exclusive tours to Europe, individual tours in Berlin and much more. We are ready to fulfill all your dreams come true!