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Organization of events abroad

Holiday abroad provides an excellent opportunity to anniversaries, birthdays and family celebrations, corporate events at the highest level, worthy of each of the guests. The countries of Europe - an ideal platform for anniversaries, anniversaries, conferences, congresses, workshops and seminars. First-class tourist infrastructure and helpful staff, beautiful sea and countryside of Italy, France and Switzerland will satisfy your relatives and friends, colleagues and business partners.

Family holidays abroad

Family is the main value in the life of each person and family events such sincere and warm - it is an integral component. There is nothing better than a genuine smile and tears of joy in the eyes of loved ones and relatives who gave you an unforgettable holiday. marriage proposal in Paris Birthday on the French Riviera and the Ligurian coast, an anniversary with family at the ski resort of Courchevel, wedding anniversary in Provence - in the native open spaces is not possible to recreate the charm of European history and culture, the grandeur of medieval castles, national parks, shopping and the rest in Europe.
For a festive event for relatives and friends turned out not hundreds hassle for you, charge its employees holding Platinum Vip Travel. We organize the perfect family holiday abroad. Find the best place in Europe and form the program of the event. We take care of the smallest details: the site design, photography, video, banquet table and an entertainment program, and much more. We will help arrange a visa for you and your guests, book flights, accommodation in a hotel or private accommodation, arrange transfer airport-hotel-airport.
Rid yourself of the hassle associated with the preparation of the celebration. Looks forward to an unforgettable holiday abroad without worrying about the details and the little things.

Corporate events in Europe

Conferences, workshops and seminars, team building programs abroad - is a great way to rally the team, increase loyalty to the company and to establish a personal relationship to succeed. The emotional atmosphere at a corporate event facilitates easy communication and solving complex business issues. A trip abroad gives each employee understand his value to the company, increases motivation and pride in the fact that he is a member of the team.
If the purpose of corporate events with employees is to increase the loyalty of the conference and exhibition, the event to help improve the company's position in the market involving customers and partners. Each output "out" must be perfect, as a negative impression is not easy to fix. From the level of training depends on the impression of the company will develop with potential customers and partners, it will write to the media and rastirazhiruyut Internet. Minimize risks simply - enough to entrust the organization of celebrations abroad employees Platinum Vip Travel.

How we are working:

  • the creation of several concepts with the calculation of costs for each of them;
  • selection and approval of the concept of the customer;
  • study of the concept, writing a detailed scenario of the plan and timing;
  • approval of the client script;
  • organization of the event according to the approved script.
Employees Platinum Vip Travel take care of all of the event. We help get visas, book flights, hotel rooms and private accommodation, arrange transfer airport-hotel-airport. All the concerns about the exhibition, presentations, conferences, trainings or seminars, teambuilding - is our concern. From the preparation of the script to provide the customer with photographic and video material from the event. You just anticipating the holiday, to collect suitcases.
Still have questions? Call us to learn more about the organization of celebrations abroad.