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Luxury villas, hotels and apartments in the best locations in Europe

Luxury villas and chalets to rent for exclusive holidays at the best resorts in Europe.
Legendary five-star luxury hotels.
Elegant apartment with great views for every taste.


More and more wealthy people choose rent private real estate booking  exclusive tours to Europe, the US and Asia. Luxury apartments, villas and chalets in the most picturesque parts of the world are not inferior numbers five-star hotels. Convenient location, interior of luxe and staff make VIP vacation unforgettable. What do you dream? Cosy chalet in the snow-covered French villa in Italy and apartments in Monaco are waiting for you.

Comfort and privacy of private apartments

The reasons for which customers are choosing Platinum Vip Travel rent, a lot. An upscale hotel does not provide residents with the customers exclusivity. Regardless of the number of stars it is an inn for visitors on business or leisure. Submit  exclusive vacation  among hundreds of other tourists easy. You are not immune to noisy or unpleasant neighbors. Organizing  luxury vacation in rented apartments, villas and chalets you solve this problem. Complete privacy is provided to you.

The territory occupied by your luggage and accompany, not limited to a single number. Enjoy hidden from prying eyes gym, swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi, parking for cars. The villas are perfect when you want  business travel corporate vacations or exclusive tours to Europe and other countries. Problems with the deployment of a large number of guests will not arise. Place all important to choose the right villa and chalets. 

You are free to dispose of their own time. Attendants at the works of the approved clear timetable, in contrast to the personal staff of apartments, villas and chalets. Enjoy maids, chef, security and other personnel, who coordinates all the details  elite leisure  according to your schedule of the day and the menu.    

Only in private apartments "larks" can enjoy freshly brewed coffee under the first rays of the sun, outdoor enthusiasts, fashionable parties and nightclubs - to sleep in absolute silence. Be sure your VIP rest will not be disturbed cleaning sounds or voices from the corridor.     

Rent an apartment for a long time, you will save their way of life, to ensure maximum comfort and safety abroad. Save considerable sums to pay at the hotel, and additional services.

Best offers from Platinum Vip Travel

How to select luxury properties in Italy, the Côte d'Azur, the Riviera, Monaco and France? Suffice it to refer to specialists Platinum Vip Travel. We will arrange exclusive tours to Europe and  exclusive holiday class luxe. Best offers for all customers.

We will help you not only choose and rent a property, but also to provide the entire range of additional services. Your search for experts Platinum Vip Travel will organize a visit to the International Cannes Film Festival,  cruise on a yacht  in the Mediterranean Sea,  luxury vacation  and access to private parties, the best restaurants and nightlife, sightseeing and shopping class luxe.  

You have traditional views on  luxury vacation  and prefer to stay in first class hotels? Platinum Vip Travel offers the best deals in the most picturesque parts of Europe. Only for you, we will select the hotel depending on the location, the desired level of service and value-added services. With us, your holiday will be as comfortable as possible.     

For more detailed information, please contact the office of Platinum Vip Travel or by phone. We are happy to answer all your questions.