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Gastro VIP-tours in Europe

Italy, Spain, France - is not only a European tradition and culture, medieval castles, museums and art galleries, flamenco and bullfights. To go to a gastronomic tour of Europe, you will have a great time watching the preparation of culinary delights while enjoying delicacies and ready for unique recipes.

Holidays for gourmet

Gastronomic tours are becoming more popular. And not so much because of the fact that some of the products in Russia simply do not buy it. Tourists bored with the usual entertainment programs, they had to try and down. I want something new, interesting and exciting. Ride the scenic farm to see how prepared under ideal conditions incredible Italian cheeses and olive oil, debarking Uncooked jerked pork (ham) in Spain and the Champagne in France. Walk through the local restaurants and try the national cuisine. Learn from eminent chefs culinary master classes.
Every country in the world can boast of unique dishes of the national cuisine, but still for the gastronomic tours are ideal Italy, Spain and France. Here are preserved the unique recipes and traditions. Local cook the perfect year-round use olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, milk, fish and meat. In Old Europe, nice and cozy, a lot of museums, art galleries and antique shops, boutiques of luxury brands, first-class clinics and beauty salons. Facilities for recreation is developed in the best European traditions - tourists waiting for a first class service, cozy hotels and private apartments, prestigious cars and yachts, boutiques, restaurants and nightclubs.
The owners of cafes and restaurants, local shops delicacies, farm actively promote the gastronomic tours. Provided hundreds of routes and programs to suit all tastes. Perfect holiday will find here the fans of a healthy lifestyle, lovers of cheese, sausages and wine, lovers of expensive delicacies.

Gastronomic tours of Platinum Vip Travel

Coming in a gastronomic tour to Italy, Spain or France - is simple. Call us or leave your request to experts of the company Platinum Vip Travel picked direction, the route and the program.
We are working on preparing a program, we offer tailor-made tours to Europe. Our customers are particularly fond of Tuscany (region of Italy), which is world famous for its hospitality, beautiful scenery and incredible cuisine. A trip to this region is accompanied by a stay in a luxury hotel, cooking classes in the castle, visiting farms for the production of cheese, tasting of Tuscan wines, festive lunches and dinners. In his free time cooking, we made trips in the area, visiting and shopping in Italian factories.
Our services:
  •  The organization of gastronomic tours in Italy, Spain and France;
  •  Private tours, corporate events and recreation;
  •  Booking tickets, organizing transfers;
  •  Booking rooms in hotels and exclusive private apartments, rental of prestigious cars;
  •  Leisure, private and corporate events in Europe;
  •  Other services agreed with customers.
 Still have questions? Call us to learn more about the VIP-gastronomic tours to Europe.