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Selling real estate in Europe

Our consultants will help you buy property in the best locations in Europe.
Counseling and support buy an apartment in Europe.


What you need to know when buying and renting real estate abroad

The tendency of the acquisition of apartments abroad is gaining momentum in recent years. Some prefer property for personal residence during the holidays, others - to generate additional income from the rental of apartments for rent, others - registration of foreign nationality. Those tourists who are not ready for such investment, rent private apartments, providing themselves, relatives and people close to the maximum comfort and privacy during the holidays.

Buying property abroad

The first step to a private apartment abroad - choice of direction. Before you buy a property abroad, pay attention to the terrain and infrastructure, the availability of air traffic. The lack of normal infrastructure will make your apartment uncomfortable, convenient transport connection - remote. Check out the rules of acquisition of real estate by non-residents. Some countries have set specific restrictions.
Choosing the direction defined with the object. Because the real estate market in Italy and other European countries is enough sellers who are happy to sell you a "pig in a poke", pay maximum attention to the apartment. You are free to go for a visit or to attract professionals engaged in the selection of real estate abroad for customers. In the second case, you need only to voice their own demands to the apartments.
Another caveat - the investment attractiveness. If you are buying apartments for rental or resale, be sure to review the prospects of such a venture. Some objects are in stable demand, while others - not.
At the stage of registration of title documents without the help of professionals can not do. Did you know that in some countries there is no institution of a notary, so that all transactions are carried out with the lawyer? It requires permission from the local authorities for the purchase of apartments by non-residents? Required buyer's account with the tax authorities? So, to buy property in Italy is not enough of your desires and the amount in the bank account. Check out the transaction in full compliance with the legislation of the country of location of the apartments can only be a qualified technician.
The procedure takes from 3 to 6 weeks. It consists of several stages:
  • the signing of the preliminary contract;
  • the signing of the main contract;
  • registration of property rights.

Rental property abroad

"Do not remember the city will never be native, if you live in a hotel room," - said to experienced hikers. Are not you afraid to give up bonuses of hotel? Modern real estate rent abroad opens up hundreds of prospects. For example, you can remove a property in Italy, to feel like a real Italian - enjoy on the terrace of strong coffee in the morning and a glass of wine in the evening, in the kitchen to cook traditional dishes of the products purchased in person at the local market, to arrange an afternoon siesta. Nobody and nothing will break your exclusive holiday. To stay in Paris for a romantic weekend, Cannes - a visit of the International Cannes Film Festival.
What do we offer
Platinum Vip Travel provides a full range of services for renting and buying real estate abroad. We can help you determine the best areas and objects. Calculate the investment attractiveness of the object, in fact, at times, to remove property abroad is more profitable than to buy. We execute the necessary documents and help you to settle with the seller.
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