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Residence permit in Italy

Reasons for which many citizens of CIS countries attracted by the prospect of business immigration to Italy, a lot of - a European standard of living, minimal risks for business, the optimal tax rates, political and economic security. Equally important are the ease of learning the Italian language, favorable subtropical Mediterranean climate and cuisine. The last two factors, combined with a high level of European medicine provides one of the highest life expectancies in the world.

Features Business Immigration

Temporary residence permit in Italy - a document that allows foreigners to legally stay in the country. Issued on different dates depending on the purpose of stay in Italy. For doing business it is up to 2 years. At the expiration of the period is extended. Documents for permanent residence are issued not earlier than 5 years of residence in Italy.

The procedure is not easy and is strictly regulated by the Italian immigration law. Miscalculation can cost not only wasted time and money, but also the possibility to get the status in the future. For example, you offer to execute documents on the basis of "the chosen place of residence in Italy?" Having made considerable investments in the Italian square meters, you will find that you have no right to carry out business activities in the country. Lose free medical care and other preferences provided by European legislation.

Many such nuances. Italy provides new opportunities for foreign investors. Add to foreign investors, who know how to use them properly.

With us to create a business European level will not be difficult!

Selecting Italy, do not forget to define the reliable partner. Thanks to effective cooperation of our specialists from the Russian and Italian offices we work as efficiently as possible.

We will help you choose the best object for investment, to assess the feasibility of the planned investment by you, we form an effective business plan taking into account the characteristics of the market in Italy. We understand that our customers have no free time. After setting goals and the signing of it you need at least. Allowed power of attorney, which completely eliminate your presence when submitting documents, business registration and sign all papers.

Our services:

  • registration of residence in Italy;;
  • maintenance of renting and buying Italian property;
  • assistance in starting a business (registration, obtaining documents for the tax authorities, opening bank accounts, etc.);
  • solution to any issues that arise when living and doing business (training in European institutions, the study of the Italian language, health care, accounting, etc.).  

More detailed information can be obtained by calling the experts Platinum Vip Travel.  

How to obtain a residence permit in Italy

Around us as much information about how to obtain a residence permit in Italy, it seems to do so can anyone. Little documents and sunny country is waiting for you with wide open arms. In practice, it is not so simple. Information placed in the media and the Internet on the residence permit - obsolete. Procedure, subject to the law of the Russian Federation and Italy - multilevel and incredibly complicated. Package of necessary documents - is endless.
Italian law provides several grounds for obtaining a visa. Some people are entitled to travel the country, to carry out business trips to negotiate and sign contracts. Others - study in the best educational institutions in Italy. But only a few allow a clearance of residency:
  • Independent professional activities in his own company, listed on the Italian territory, or as an individual entrepreneur (lavoro autonomo)
For business immigration, the Italian authorities have provided, in addition to the basic requirements, a number of additional criteria. Firstly, you can not expect to receive a residence permit lavoro autonomo, decided to go into business, banned in Italy. Secondly, your work should be of interest to the national economy. Third, you will need proof of you have the financial resources to start a business. Amount depends on the area in which you choose to work. The average figures - 10 000-50 000 EUR. Good news - the Italian authorities do not require acknowledgment of professional and business skills.
  • Employment (lavoro subordinato)
For the development of the national economy, the Government of Italy attracts skilled workers from other countries. For this purpose annually established quotas for the maximum number of foreign employees. How to obtain a residence permit in Italy under lavoro subordinato? Find an employer who is ready to issue you a job and get permission of the local authorities.
  • The selected place of residence (residenza elettiva)
Residenza elettiva - residence for wealthy citizens. You can provide for themselves and their loved ones from the sources of income unrelated to employment? Choose residenza elettiva. According to the execution of a document, you will be allowed to live in Italy, but not to work. It is enough to confirm the presence of the Italian authorities to stay property (owned or rented) and financial solvency.       
  • Family Reunion (recongiungimento famigliare)
Having a residence permit, you can enjoy all the rights provided for by local legislation for citizens. Beginning with tax benefits and ending the assignment of citizenship to children born in Italy.
All too hard? Specialists PlatinumVipTravel make a residence permit intuitive and quick. Call us to learn about the details.