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Yacht Sales and frahting

Sales of luxury yachts for an unforgettable vacation.
Platinum Vip Travel a long time and has successfully established itself as a reliable partner who can be trusted with the freight ship and cruise organization of any complexity.


What you need to know when buying a yacht and frahtinge

First-class yacht - is not just a vehicle designed for the delivery of the "A" point to point "B". This long-awaited freedom for travelers who prefer an exclusive vacation. Freedom from inconvenient scheduling. Freedom from bored routes. Freedom from any restrictions in their leisure. By purchasing or renting a yacht, you can sunbathe calmly on a deserted island in the middle of the sea, to savor the evening meal at one of the restaurants in Monaco. Enjoy early morning solitude to the evening "Sunset" loud party away from disgruntled neighbors.
What to look for
Buying or frahting? Regardless of your answer, vessel selection procedure is almost the same. To start with the end. What is needed yacht, how you plan to use it, how many people to invite on board - the list is impressive nuances. One thing to rent a yacht for couples and quite another to travel in a large group of relatives and friends. Solve the issue with the style of swimming. Sailing yachts are interested tourists prone to an active lifestyle, motor - quiet rest.
Not only preferences, but also influence the choice of routes. If you like to relax on the coast, and get out on the boat for a short walk, you will only need a small vessel. For comfortable cruising yacht will need at least 30-35 meters, world tours - yacht with large power reserve, which can be used in different weather conditions.
Choosing the ship, get a crew. Owners of gaining his own, and frahting provides for crew on board. On how qualified personnel depends not only on the quality of your holiday, but also safety. One thing is when you go for a few hours of walking, quite another - in a two-week cruise.
Oh, and do not take your own boat, as investments. This is a luxury, not more. The cost of maintenance can reach 10% of the cost of a year. The same 10-15%, as a rule, make a tip to the crew if frahtinge.

What do we offer

Frahting and sale of yachts - not an easy process. Platinum Vip Travel Experts will select the best offer according to your requirements, arrange inspection of the vessel and execute the necessary documents. If you want to form a team and offer the best route. All that your stay truly exclusive.
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