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Tuscany - is one of the most beautiful and rich cultural and architectural monuments region of Italy.
Throughout the region in numerous museum exhibits a huge number of world famous artists.
Tuscany is rolling hills covered with vineyards, historic towns, where you can admire the architecture of the Renaissance, a seaside resort with breathtaking Mediterranean climate and a unique variety of delicious dishes that bring delight gourmets and famous local wines.

Guide to Tuscany

Imagine a green meadow, filled with sunshine and decorated with neat stacks of haystacks, slender cypresses, melodious singing of birds, the scent of blooming roses and mown hay ... Tuscany Valley changing their appearance depending on the season. In the spring - it's an emerald blanket decorated with blooming poppies, summer and fall - if sewed of golden velvet winter - snow-white as a wedding dress happy bride. We believe food and wine tours in Tuscany, romantic tours, wedding tours and luxury vacation will not leave you indifferent. They will give positive emotions and memories which will last at least a year.
Best time to visit Tuscany
Tuscany - a region of Italy, covering an area of ​​23 thousand square kilometers. on the west coast. Virtually the entire area is covered by hills and mountains, part of the coast is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. The climate is one of the sunniest countries in Europe with a comfortable rest. The average summer temperature is kept in the redistribution of + 22 ° C, in winter - 0 ° C.
When to go on vacation? Experienced travelers are advised to plan exclusive tours in Tuscany in April. At this time in the fields of blooming poppies, vines begin to bloom, filling the air with enchanting aroma. You are in full force enjoy a trip to Italy, while the rest of the tourists plan their trips only. During low season, you will appreciate the lack of crowds.
Assemble a collection of recipes, local delicacies and wine? The best food and wine tours in Tuscany are in late autumn, after the local wineries have collected and harvesting the crop. At this time, the entire region begins noisy festivities and national festivals, all literally immersed in young wine Novello. Drink made from Merlot grapes, characterized by light and mild flavor, aroma of berries and fruits.
But the summer - not the best time to visit Italy. In June and July is too hot in August, almost all local people to travel around the holidays.
Longing for Tuscany
Florence, Siena, Pisa ... For every traveler in Tuscany there is something for everyone. Active tourists we recommend to rent a car, buy a map and ride on the most interesting places in the region. Stop in the town of Pienza to taste the world famous soft sweet pecorino cheese. Despite the fact that it is sold throughout Italy, only on local pastures Pienza grow aromatic herbs in the "right" combination. It is thanks Immortelle, cumin and thyme get the perfect milk for cheese. Having bought cheese, take a look at a local restaurant. In the menu you will find fragrant Tuscan soup with fresh bread and homemade pasta with mushrooms, cheese and stews. No less interesting is the nearby town of Monticello, which held a large-scale theatrical event Teatro Povero, and the valley of Val d'Orcia, rich in thermal springs. Staying at one of the local hotels, be sure to sign up for a course of SPA-procedures.
Fans of measured VIP-rest should stay at one of reputable hotels in Tuscany or rent private apartments. You can relax during a tour of Florence, through which the world learned about the talent of Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Dante. Majestic cathedrals and churches, museums with incredible collection of art, squares and bridges - a list of notable works of art and architecture is impressive. Besides walking enjoy local cuisine from the best chefs of restaurants, SPA-procedures and golfing, shopping class luxe.
Sounds great, does not it? Call the office PlatinumVipTravel, you'll learn all about exclusive holiday in Tuscany.