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Monaco - a luxury yacht, the Monte Carlo Casino, the fame of which spread throughout the world, Russian ballet of Diaghilev, the race "Formula 1" and hundreds of boutiques with luxury goods.
Always ceremonial decoration of the city, a great climate, bright and gentle Mediterranean and turbulent life attracts the cream of the world society - the stars of show business, politics, sports and culture.
Monaco is surrounded by picturesque mountains and sandy beaches have beautiful scenery and extreme tidiness.
The port is moored the most expensive yachts in the world and so many unique and exclusive cars in one square meter can be seen only in Monaco.

Monaco: for those who are not used to save

The Principality of Monaco, despite its modest area, attracts tourists from all over the world. Try your luck at the famous Monte Carlo casino, a tennis tournament and the stage of "Formula 1", fresh seafood and a ride on a yacht - to organize an exclusive vacation in an area of 2.02 km2 simple. Enough to apply to PlatinumVipTravel. With us, your business trips and holidays will be unforgettable.
Schedule all year round
In Monaco, no airport, so you can get to the Principality of the closest cities. Such traffic situation does not seem too comfortable, but not in this case. Booking a flight to Nice, you can rent prestigious cars and fast ride on interesting routes, laid near the sea. Along the first-class road offers stunning scenery, which is impossible to forget. We are sure you will find these places. Here filmed many scenes from famous films. Arriving on the way to Monaco in France, arrange a weekend in Paris and the surrounding area. Stroll through the shopping centers and boutiques, museums and palaces.
The climate is subtropical Principality of Monaco. Summers are warm and dry, winter is warm and rainy. The average temperature in summer is + 24 ° C, in January - + 11 ° C. Thanks to the Alps in the territory is not felt the impact of the cold north winds, the sea breeze softens the effect of heat. Despite the fact that the best is considered a luxury holiday in Monaco in May-September, PlatinumVipTravel recommends to move away from stereotypes. In high season there is noisy and crowded. At other times of the year, you will enjoy the quiet, picturesque scenery and service class luxe. Calmly stroll along the promenade and dine in the best restaurant without prior reservation.
Things to do in Monaco?
It all depends on your personal preferences. Gambling tourists recommend visiting the casino in Monte Carlo. You will enjoy first class service and games, will get useful contacts. Successful entrepreneurs from around the world consider this place a must to visit, organizing exclusive holidays in Europe and on the French Riviera. All you need is an elegant jacket, documents and wallet .... The casino is allowed to play all but the sailors and citizens of the Principality. In late May, visit the Monaco Grand Prix - the most prestigious and spectacular race of the championship, "Formula 1" in April - international tennis Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters.
Tourists who prefer leisure, PlatinumVipTravel offers to plunge into the world of luxury travel. Individual cruise on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea or a trip by car on the French Riviera will help to distract from worries. Unforgettable food and wine tours in Monaco to leave an impression on fresh seafood, amazing jam Maison Herbin and chocolate, the famous wines of the Hotel de Paris. If you love the measured rest, go to the superb sandy beach and shopping class luxe, visit the famous SPA-procedures.

How to organize the luxury travel

Popularity - not only the dignity but also the lack of the Principality of Monaco. Tourists who decided to travel independent organization expects a lot of inconvenience. From a lack of available rooms in hotels and ending with a limited number of invitations to social events. Despite this, VIP vacation in Monaco possible. Enough to bring to the organization of the trip PlatinumVipTravel.
In contrast to the usual tourist operators, we know all about luxury vacation. For us, nothing is impossible: organization of business trips, organization of business travel, corporate vacations abroad, individual tours in Europe, romantic tours and wedding tours. Only the best hotels and restaurants, charters and prestigious cars. The only concern of our customers - the harmonization of trained professionals PlatinumVipTravel route and departure date.
We are ready to provide you with more than the status, comfort and first class service!