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Exclusive dinner on a yacht in Saint-Petersburg

In the life of every person, team and company necessarily happen important dates and events that you want to celebrate in a special way. Then, when you want to invite friends and loved ones, friends and colleagues, business partners and organize an event that is remembered by all for many years. Planning something special, not just catering to the outdoors or a celebration in the banquet hall of the restaurant? How about renting a yacht in St. Petersburg with a full service from Platinum Vip Travel. The yacht, following past palaces and mansions, drama and opera theaters, historical and cultural monuments of St. Petersburg - the perfect place for a holiday.

5 advantages of a banquet on a yacht

The reasons for deciding to hold the event on a yacht, a lot. First-class yacht in Saint-Petersburg as the site is suitable for any celebration - weddings, banquets, graduations, corporate events, parties, birthdays and anniversaries. Decor and floristry allow you to create a happy mood and give a bright tone of any event. Decorate with balloons deck, we can safely celebrate the birthday, having hanged on board cheerful posters - corporate, ordering the registration of white flowers - a luxurious wedding. The yacht will fit all your guests, no matter how much you did not invite them.
Feast on a yacht - a great opportunity to enjoy an exciting boat trip along the picturesque banks of the Neva. Over a glass of wine you and your guests will be able to see the front part of St. Petersburg. Palace Bridge, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island, the cruiser "Aurora", the Bronze Horseman, the Admiralty, the Hermitage - an incredible view of the city is from the Neva.
The uniqueness of the event on a yacht in St. Petersburg does not know borders. You get the opportunity to harmonize not only the festive decoration, menu and entertainment, but also the itinerary. We believe a banquet on a yacht will be remembered for all invited!

Celebrate with Platinum Vip Travel!

Hundreds of companies offer to organize banquets on a yacht in St. Petersburg, but only a few are willing to ensure that the event at a high level. Someone saves the clients, someone - simply does not know what is the first-class service to which customers are accustomed to the wealthy. How not to make a mistake in choosing the company that is organizing a banquet on a yacht in St. Petersburg? Select the one that knows all about the exclusive holiday - Platinum Vip Travel.
We work with politicians, businessmen and celebrities. We offer exclusive holiday not only in Europe but also in Russia. We are pleased to organize for you an unforgettable wedding, banquet, prom, corporate, party, birthday party on a yacht in St. Petersburg. You can just announce us your requirements to Platinum Vip Travel experts independently organized holiday, or take an active part in the coordination of the route following the yacht, menu and entertainment program.

Our services:

  • Rent a yacht in St. Petersburg, which instead of the planned number of guests;
  • floristic and decor yacht colorful balloons, posters, interesting and rare flowers, taking into account the style of the event and details of the interior;
  • Rental equipment for events - all kinds and types of dishes, tables, chairs and other furniture, textiles;
  • Organization of receptions, banquets, catering;
  • organization of entertainment programs (presenters and musicians, professional photography and videography).

Still have questions? Call Platinum Vip Travel office to learn more about the banquet on a yacht in St. Petersburg!