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Pilgrimage tours to Israel

Pilgrimage tours are not just an opportunity to break away from the everyday hustle and bustle to relax body and soul. This is an opportunity to grow in faith and become closer to the Lord God, having passed through the Holy land.
The tradition of pilgrimage has a long history in the history of the faith. Takes its name from the name of palm branches (Paloma), whom the people of Jerusalem greeted Jesus Christ and the pilgrims brought from the Holy places. All believers Platinum Vip Travel offers pilgrimage tours to Israel Holy places associated with the life and work of Jesus Christ, the apostles, the blessed virgin Mary, temples where the miraculous icon, the healing waters of the Jordan river and sacred springs. Holy places are the soul, we will make sure first-rate service.

When to go and which route to choose?

The Holy mount of olives and the Old city in Jerusalem, where at every step, there are Shrines. The town of Bethlehem where Jesus Christ was born. Holy places of Tiberias, where the famous river Jordan, the sea of Galilee. Nazareth, Netanya and Haifa, Jaffa and Lydda... We offer pilgrimage tours to Israel via traditional routes, but also routes, tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Their duration can be very different, but one of the most popular choices remains tour, lasting more than 1 week. Holy places in Israel so much that to see them for a few days is quite difficult. A visit can be combined with a holiday on the red sea, the treatment of waters and mud of the Dead sea, shopping in Jerusalem, gastronomic and wine tours around the country. 
Not only the route requires special attention, but also the time of the visit. Global popularity of pilgrimages to Israel are during the holidays, which are of great importance for believers. So, on Easter week the pilgrims come here from all over the world. All busy and booked rooms available in hotels there, on the streets and in temples, thousands of worshippers. But in the days of the calendar, available from the holidays, You will be able to fully enjoy the beauty and peace of the Holy places almost all alone.
Experts Platinum Vip Travel will help You choose the best route and date, organize a trip to a level worthy of the best! 

What you should know to pilgrims

Going on a pilgrimage, take care of their personal comfort and respect for the basic rules of visiting the Holy places.
Shoes should be comfortable for long walking. We recommend you to bring to Israel a few pairs of shoes, sneakers to go low and Slippers. Take care of clothes for visiting temples, because their territory is not permitted open knees and shoulders, shorts and pants (for women), Frank styles and silhouettes, naked women's hair shawl. For washing in the Jordan river will need a swimsuit and a special long shirt with sleeves white color (you can bring your own or buy in Israel). 
Almost all churches with the health and repose of accepted donations in the amount of not less than 1 USD. We recommend you pre-fill them, so as not to waste precious time. In the notes allowed up to 10 names.
What to bring home from the pilgrimage? Clerics are recommended to capture the Holy land 33 candles, tied into a bun and symbolizing the age of Jesus Christ, oil from the Holy sepulchre, water from the Jordan river, wine from Cannes Galilee, a small wooden cross, icons and incense.
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