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Exclusive vacation - a trip to Lake Baikal

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi - still think that an exclusive holiday in Russia outside of these cities can not? But wealthy travelers are increasingly choosing romantic and wedding tours, food and wine tours, VIP rest, corporate holiday, meeting informally with business partners in the picturesque corners of Russia. Altai Mountains, Mount Elbrus in the Caucasus, Karelia, Kamchatka, the Komi Republic ... Undoubtedly, all these places deserve special attention, but the undisputed leader of tourist destinations is Lake Baikal.

Why Lake Baikal?

The majestic lake located on the border of the Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Buryatia. Locals call the Baikal Sea, as the lake is the deepest in the world - a peak in the 1642 m was recorded in the Belgian-Spanish-Russian expedition in 1983. Its area equals the area of ​​the Netherlands and Belgium. This is the largest reservoir of fresh water - the volume is second only to the Caspian Sea, where the water is fresh and salty. The lake water is clean, oxygen-rich, with a minimum content of mineral salts. It is often used in the alternative medicine for the prevention and treatment of diseases.
Despite the distance, getting here is easy. Flight from Moscow to Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude takes about 6 hours, the trip by rail - 3-4 days. From Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude to the lake can be reached by road, water transport.

When to go to Lake Baikal

Due to the unique influence of Lake Baikal, ancient forests climate here is unique. A mild winter, relatively cool summer. Compared to neighboring districts Spring Lake Baikal comes with a delay of 10-15 days, but autumn is delayed for a longer period. The air temperature in winter above 10 ° C compared to Irkutsk, located just 60 km away. In the summer, however, there is colder. The water temperature near the shore in the swimming season reaches 23 ° C.
On Baikal fixed 317-328 sunny days a year. This figure is even higher than the data of the Black Sea resorts. Water evaporation is minimal, so the cloud over the lake were not formed. Rain clouds are formed and come from other areas, scattered over the coastal mountains. 1-2 weeks of torrential rains - to get to the bad weather on Lake Baikal is almost impossible.
The ideal time for rest - from 15 June to 15 August. The sunny weather, warm days and nights will delight tourists. In the period of October 15-November 30, April 15-May 15 at Baikal cold, strong winds, rain, bad roads. But even such climatic conditions do not stop vacationers. To ride on the frozen majestic lake Baikal attracts tourists from all over the world.

How to organize a trip

Do have something in Baikal - hunting, fishing, diving, cruises and alloys, hiking trails and scenic mountain climbing, motorcycle and dzhiptury, familiarity with the culture of the local people.
Of course, in contrast to a comfortable stay on the French Riviera, or Ligurian coast in Israel, an exclusive vacation on Lake Baikal needs careful organization. Where are you staying for a living? How to drive away from the airport? What will? Where to find experienced guides? And these questions will meet more than a dozen. No time to study all the nuances? Platinum Vip Travel Specialists provide VIP vacation for you and your guests in mind.
We will help you organize luxury holidays with family and friends, corporate event on the road, meeting with business partners in an informal setting. Each customer can order an individual tour of the Lake Baikal, or use ready-made programs:
  • 5-day off-road Motorcycle tours of Lake Baikal;
  • 5-day dzhiptur "Heart of Lake Baikal";
Call the office Platinum Vip Travel, you will learn more about exclusive vacation on Lake Baikal.