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Children's group in Bristol

Bristol City is young, agile, fun! The summer camp is situated in Frenchay campus of the University of the West of England in 3 miles from downtown.
This is an amazing place, it is very close to the border with Wales on the shores of Bristol Bay. 10 miles west of Bristol Bat is located in 30 miles - Cardiff and London is a 2-hour drive.
Bristol - is the embodiment of traditional British overseas trade with the colonies. Traded baleen and spices, slaves and tobacco, and fruit machines. From Bristol ships were sent to all parts of the world. And it is here Museum Commonwealth was established, symbolic located in adjacent to the train station building.
Despite the location away from the sights of Bristol, you will not be bored, because around a lot of interesting places that are worth a look. You will enjoy a visit to Bath and Wales, the famous city on the coast of Weston-super-IEA and many others

Key factors

  • The campus is located near Bristol. On the border with the countryside. Full security.
  • 15 people in the group.
  • A unique chance to be among the Italians, Spaniards, Germans, Chinese, Japanese. Minimized contact with Russian-speaking, which inevitably clash with almost all other schools in the world!
  • campus atmosphere
  • Full security
  • An ideal place for teens
  • Beautiful big city
  • A supermarket, shops and banks
  • Excellent accommodation
  • 3 excursions per week, during a trip - 12! This is 4 more than at other schools!
  • Reasonable price for 4 weeks


Free internet, two shops on campus where you can buy food, bookstore, bar, billiards. In addition, the territory has vending machines with coffee, cola, chocolate bars and so on. A five minute walk from the campus located supermarket Sainsbury's.


Language course - an integral and the most important part!

Students will be motivated to work on their language skills. The best remedy - this is interesting! The course is aimed at comprehensive development of the language level of self-confidence in their knowledge, improve speaking skills!

The guarantee of success are the highly qualified teacher of EFL (English as foreign language), which receive full support from the Director of Studies.

Attendance at all sessions is mandatory. The student who attend at least 80% of classes, do not get a certificate of completion.

Students are engaged in 15 hours per week, 4 lessons of 45 minutes per day for a total of 20 lessons per week.

Training Objectives:
-development of confidence in speaking and improving the level of perception of audio information
-Production correct pronunciation, learning the rules of grammar, vocabulary
-development capacity for self-learning, the analysis of its own success
Lessons start at 9 am and end at 12:30.
by groups of distribution is in accordance with the child's language level and age to make the students stay as efficient as possible. Team leaders report the wishes of each student after their distribution, transfer to another group is only possible if the level does not correspond to the level of the class (this is very rare, but it happens), the argument "I just want to be with my friends" - not the most compelling. In order to communicate with them - will be a lot of opportunities, in addition to the classroom!
Upon completion of the course is assessed attendance and good behavior in the case of compliance with these rules Course participants receive a certificate of completion and a report on the performance, in which the child's progress and achievements during the courses will be described.


Residence in Bristol - one of the newest in the UK! Perhaps the most luxurious in the country.
The Bristol students waiting for accommodation in a modern residence, connected to the main building of the University. Students are accommodated in single rooms with private facilities, combined in apartment blocks of 6 rooms. Each apartment has a kitchen and a spacious common room. All floors are accessible by lift. Also, children will be able to wash their stuff in the washing machine for a small fee. The team leader organizes the collection of items for the laundry. At the school there is a new sports complex with 2 rooms for volleyball, basketball, also has a dance studio; student lounges, shops; a large dining room and cable TV. Cleaning and linen change - once a week, towels are provided.
Residence rooms divided into three sections (two on the ground floor and one on the second floor). Total door section lockable, locked separately each room. Each section of the shared kitchen, where there is a kettle, microwave, in one of the kitchens - and two iron and kitchen utensils. The kitchen also has a cooker, which can be used with the permission of the school staff. In each room - a bed, a bedside table, a chair, a desk, a large closet, a lot of outlets. In the bathroom - sink, toilet, shower. The room has a heater that can be enabled independently, it heats the room to a desired temperature and maintains it at that level for three hours, after which it was again necessary to include.


On the English food in the world has developed a strong opinion, but in recent years the British have changed the tastes and the food has become much more diverse and interesting. Children eat in a large dining room, a self-service system operates, the children receive food in a queue. After the meal, you need to carry the trays to the kitchen.
Breakfast: 8: 00-8: 45
Lunch: 12: 30-13: 30
Dinner: 17: 30-18: 30
6 days a week continental breakfast, one time - a real English breakfast. Continental tomorrow include fruit drinks, cereals, croissants, preserves, tea or coffee. Bacon and eggs, sausages, toast and so on. Served in the days of the English breakfast. From Monday to Friday lunch includes 2 courses. The main dish - a vegetable or meat with vegetables. Example: watermelon, fish pie, chop beef, sausage, salad, bread. On Saturdays and Sundays, students receive lunch packages. Dinner consists of 3 courses and includes salad, bread and dessert or some fruit every day. Cold drinks, tea and coffee are also provided. Example: beef steak, shrimp, pasta with tomato paste and basil, strawberry jam and cream.
Cost, 2016