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Treatment at the clinic Assuta Top

Tel Aviv Assuta Hospital Top is world famous. There are treated thousands of patients from around the world, including Russia and the CIS countries. Unique techniques and developments in the field of cancer, cardiology, orthopedics and many other medical fields, as well as the professionalism of the outstanding Israeli doctors allows for daily operations, which have no analogues in the world. It is in the Top Assuta refute diagnosis, cure and even those patients who were deemed hopeless in other countries.
More than 85 000 patients from around the world were able to regain health and improve their quality of life thanks to highly qualified medical clinic Assuta Top. Years of experience of the Israeli doctors working in the clinic, to successfully diagnose and treat the most complex cases of diseases in all areas.
The main advantage of Top Assuta that all necessary procedures - diagnosis, treatment, surgery, rehabilitation - you can get in one place.
Top Assuta holds all kinds of outpatient diagnostic tests: CT, MRI, PET CT, and many others. Also in the clinic there is a revolutionary technology as PET-MRI.
Assuta Top specializes in advanced minimally invasive operations that help minimally traumatize the tissue.

Assuta Top collaborates with world-class specialists who have been long-standing practice in medical centers of Israel, the US and Europe.
Assuta Top continues to monitor the condition of patients within a few years after the end of treatment, so you can at any time for more consultation.
Top Assuta provides continuous monitoring of the features you'll patients in Israel and provides the most transparent reports on the organization and payment of treatment.
Top Assuta in figures:
85,000 surgeries a year, which ensure rapid adaptation and restoration.
650,000 outpatient diagnostic tests per year using the latest generation of equipment.
1500 world-class professionals: professors and doctors with vast clinical experience.
The cost of medical services is 20% lower than similar health care in the United States or Germany.

How to organize treatment in Israel:

Organize treatment in Israel need only through companies that work directly with leading Israeli clinics. Company Platinum Vip Travel will be happy to help you with this.
Our services:
  • Treatment Organization of VIP Israel
  • Help in booking tickets and visas
  • Selection of different class "luxury" accommodation and above
  • Organization of transfer to prestigious cars
  • Help in acquiring rare drugs
  • Providing an interpreter for all the meetings in the clinic
  • Organization of exclusive holidays in Israel

Contact the Platinum Vip Travel, go to Israel for treatment, and become one of many patients who have regained their full life without pain!