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Nice for lovers of exclusive vacation

Nice revered among Russian tourists. It is considered "capital" of the Côte d'Azur that wealthy people love for a first-class tourist infrastructure. Located 30 km from the Italian border, where close to the Ligurian coast, not inferior to the beauty of Cannes, Monte Carlo.

Russian Nice

From the middle of the XIX century nice it became the most popular resort in the Russian aristocracy. Trendsetter became Empress Alexandra, who arrived in Nice in 1852. Took a fancy place, the royal family bought the land for the construction of estates. It was not long, in the city there were more than 400 Russian families who own the French real estate. Later, many of the aristocrats moved to permanent residence in Nice during the revolution.
Today, this beautiful city is chosen by tourists from Russia. The resort is ideal not only for exclusive vacation wealthy tourists, romantic and wedding tours for couples, food and wine tours for foodies. In Nice, good at business negotiations, signing of contracts, conferences and presentations. To a business event held at the highest level, it is enough to attract professionals PlatinumVipTravel. We organize an individual program, which will emphasize the status of your company in the eyes of customers, business partners.

When to go to Nice

The climate on the Mediterranean coast. It has a mild and dry winters, hot and dry summers. There are practically no chilling winds, as the territory is protected Alpine mountains. Warmest in Nice in June-August, when the daytime temperature rises to + 27 ° C. In the summer rainfall is small, in the autumn - more. In Nice, recorded 325 days of sunshine a year. Even in February, when Russia mark on the thermometer closer to -27 ° C, in Nice in full bloom mimosa.
The resort is particularly popular in the summer. VIP vacation planning, corporate holiday, business trip this time of year, be sure to take care of the airfare, hotel room or private apartment, car rental. Best Deals booked several months in advance. If the idea is to relax on the Cote d'Azur you visited spontaneously call us. Experts PlatinumVipTravel can arrange a luxury vacation at a top level.
For the perfect hideaway in April-May, September-November with daytime temperatures from +17 to + 20 ° C. Nothing will stop to enjoy the museums, spa treatments, shopping, strolls along the promenade.

Things to Do

In Nice, many parks, monuments of history and architecture, museums. The obvious advantage of the resort - the proximity to Cannes, Monte Carlo. Correctly selected the route, you can make an exclusive holiday, corporate holiday, business trip perfect! Yesterday you tasted freshly caught seafood restaurant in Nice, learned to cook in the oldest chocolate confectionery, today - you bet at the Casino of Monte Carlo, and tomorrow - look around the estate Domaine de Toasc, which produces the perfect wine and olive oil, a fairy-tale medieval village of Eze, the abbey fullerenes. Athletes can enjoy yachting, antique dealers - to replenish the collection in one of the shops in the famous Quarter antique dealers, intellectuals - to bring the French to perfection at the Institute of French.

How to organize a trip to Nice

Dreaming about vacation? Planning a corporate event abroad? You do not know how to surprise business partners? Nice waiting for you!
To ride was really exclusive, charge it professional bodies PlatinumVipTravel. We will book flights, hotel rooms and apartments. We can help you organize boat trips, rent or buy a yacht on any route, company size and budget. Rasplaniruem tourist route so that you have time to not only see the local sights, but also enjoy spa treatments, shopping class luxe. We will provide a comprehensive service companies on business trips, during corporate events, while corporate rest.
Call the office PlatinumVipTravel, you will learn more about exclusive holiday in Nice.
Nice - a broad palette of colors, smells and sounds, a beach holiday with a mild climate, a generous sun 300 days a year.
Nice - a place that was elected Russian nobility, famous politicians, musicians, writers, artists and celebrities all over the world. The most luxurious hotel - museum "Negressko" fascinates with its luxury and exquisite antique collection.
The narrow streets of the Middle Ages with floral slides in the walls and many small restaurants with traditional French cuisine - all this makes Nice unforgettably beautiful.
A wonderful holiday in the resort that became a favorite destination of aristocrats give you not only the emerald-blue sea, beautiful nature, luxury hotels, entertainments, but also guarantees a stay in the world of harmony and luxury.